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Agravain van Gelder
Abbot of St. Palamedes the Redeemer

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Introductory Statements

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. -Ephesians 6:11-12

Basic Information

Theologian, Canon Lawyer, and Inquisitor, Agravain van Gelder arrived on Yathrib as the sole representative of the Holy Inquisition. He was later elected to be Abbot Nullius of the Monastery of St. Palamedes the Redeemer, giving him the status of Bishop and Peer of the Realm. He is one of the primary representatives of the Urth Orthodoxy on Yathrib, and a member of their more monastic red priesthood. As such, he's become quite politically involved, and was nominated by the Guardian for Chancellor of the Holy City, though that vote is currently unresolved.

As his name would imply, Agravain was born of a noble family, though in his case, his father's barony can hardly be called much of a prize. As the second son, his entire career has been with the Church. He received a university education on Holy Terra, then served as a Church procurator on his homeworld of Malignatius before coming to the attention of the Holy Synod and earning his first Inquisitorial seal. He held postings on Holy Terra, then in the Garden Worlds of the Li Halan, before cleansing heretical Incarnates on Pandemonium, a mission completed only shortly before his reassignment to Yathrib.

While he toes a doctrinal hard line, Father Agravain does have a reputation for being reasonable to a point - a surprising trait in an Inquisitor. He is a moderate crusader, supporting the efforts to retake the Holy City but preaching against violent excess and wholesale slaughter.


A slim man of only slightly more than average height, he appears to be approaching early middle age. He has dark brown hair, only beginning to be touched by grey at the temples, that is combed straight back from his widow's peak. His eyes are pale green, deepset above his sharp nose, and hidden behind small round spectacles. His face is pinched and somewhat bloodless, and while his shoulders are broad enough, he doesn't have the build of a man who spends any great amount of time in physical work, right down to his dexterous, long-fingered, and uncalloused hands with perfectly trimmed and buffed nails.

He wears the working robes of a high ranking priest of the Red Orthodoxy. His cassock is burgundy with the traditional roman collar and buttons closing it down the front, in fine linen for the heat, though the inside of the hem and cuffs show a silk lining, and the cuffs of a tailored shirt. A fascia, or sash, of watered burgundy silk closes his cassock at the waist. Burgundy shoes with silver buckles peek out from beneath the cassock's hem. Every bit of his clothing is generally perfectly in place, evincing a tendency towards fastidiousness in his appearance.


Notable Events

  • Burned the Flesh Market in Camp Beth because of illicit slaving of free persons, especially children, committed by the Muster guildsmen there.
  • Walked through flames and was untouched by them. A public miracle of the Pancreator in Exodus Square during the planned execution of three of the Chainers convicted by a Church Court of soultaking.
  • Burned the Village of Issen in Leon after confirming the death of every man, woman, and child in the small hamlet, apparently by some nefarious and perhaps occult cause.
  • Preached against the 'Rape of Alivere', the brutal conquest and massacre of a Kurgan fief near Oultrejoyeux. He called the Pancreator's judgment down on the offenders, and soon thereafter - whether because of the Pancreator or the Kurgans - the Known World fief of Ghilat fell, and was massacred in turn.
  • Excommunicated Lord Lyov Decados and Lord Martin de Moley - the first for running off to the Sathraist lands, the second for his betrayal of Sidon at the so-called 'Traitor's Banquet'.
  • Rallied the Planetary Synod to put an end to a near civil war between Lord Constable Sir William Geheris and the the Count of Leon, including threatening to place both Akko and Leon under interdict if both sides did not stand down their troops.
  • Took control of the Legion of the Exodus to stop the massacre of protesting citizens of Akko following Sir William's assassination.

Inquisitor and Defender of Holy Mother Church

Priest of the Urth Orthodox
Date of Birth: December 10, 4964 (36)
Homeworld: Malignatius
Home County: Cote d'Leon

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155 lbs
Physical Effects: None.
Status: Alive and Celibate



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