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Athrian Tomanson

Demon Hunter

Priest of the Orthodoxy
Date of Birth: 4964
Homeworld: Delphi
Home County: Akko

Height: 5'11
Weight: 200
Physical Effects: Horrible Scar


Standing at around 5'11, the man before you is broad shouldered and sports the lean muscles of a fighting man. His appearance is somewhat worn, indicating he is a man who travels a lot. His hands are calloused, his skin weather beaten and tanned. His black hair is kept short, and he sports a black beard to match. His eyes are steely grey. There is a large ugly scar that begins above his left eye, cuts across the bridge of his nose and ends on his right cheek. There are other scars - claw marks - on his arms, as well as what looks like a large set of teeth marks on his side, as if something tried to take a bite out of him.

As far as attire goes, he's not exactly fashionable. He wears mostly brown leathers, as battered as he is, with a battered wide brimmed hat atop his head. A belt with several small pouches holds his trousers up, and a heavy cloak is secured around his neck. Completing the look is a pistol holstered on his left thigh, and a scabbarded sword protruding over his right shoulder.


Publicly a Priest, he's not your typical one. Not much of an orator, and with an often scary reputation to go with his rough-shod appearance, he's not the kind of Priest you'd typically go to for fatherly reassurance. Nevertheless, he is level-headed and often reasonable and calming to those that he knows.

His real skills, however, lie in Demon Hunting, his true profession and calling, though it is not known by many. A quick and deadly shot with his pistol and a skilled swordsman, he has a lifetime of combat experience both against men and demons. He is also an astute investigator and tracker, and whilst not a theurgist himself, he has considerable occult knowledge.


Little is known publicly about his background, though not because it is a closely guarded secret. Should someone do some minor digging, they could find that he served in the Hawkwood army in the Emperor Wars, serving on Byzantium Secundus and later Leminkainen against Vuldrok raiders. A veteran of many bloody encounters, he had a solid reputation. After that, he relocated to Ravenna where he became a Parish Priest. The reasons for leaving and coming to Yathrib are murky, but the darker rumours speak of a demonic attack on his village.