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A Burning on the Drag              Oct 26 2012   Anonymous
Merchants just outside of the Spice Market are breathing easier today, for a number of reasons. 
Four bodies were carted out by Brother Battle auxiliaries yesterday, reeking of burned flesh and melted fat. 
The stench took nearly a day to clear despite a fair breeze coming off of the Gulf.

Details of yesterday's immolations have started to emerge from the dozens of rumors that are being spread. 
The consensus is that the preacher Father Giovanus and his increasingly devoted flock capture four Kurgans 
and set them on fire for the crimes of heresy and spreading false religion to the faithful. Three Brother Battle, 
headed by Brother Inspector Tulvio, arrived during the trial but did little to stop the executions, though this 
last point is a matter of some dispute.

The four Kurgans were not the only individuals targeted by the faithful last night. Several soldiers wearing the 
tabard of Don Furio de Aragon, a recently arrived crusading knight, shattered the windows of a small rug store
that had had Kurgan letters written on it. Two young women, known to be women of ill-repute favored by a 
visiting Kurgan merchant, were accosted and branded with the Jumpcross on their right breasts by unknown
assailants. Finally, a man was left hanging from a wooden foot-bridge near East Goat street, an upside down
jumpcross painted in blue on his chest and a handful of daisies tied to his hand by a leather cord.

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Aborted Adoption                   Oct 26 2012   Anonymous
Vice-Count Lyov had an introductory court today as he settled in the Palais Maleband, and one 
of his father's vassals - a Baron Ranjat - came before him to have Auberry grant permission for Ranjat's 
bastard son Alam to inherit the barony of Arsuf, one of the border fiefs in the Craglands. There was 
some debate on the propriety of a bastard inheriting, but it seemed as the adoption would be allowed 
when Kurgan assassins revealed themselves and attacked. The Baron was killed and several others wounded - 
Count Renaud of Leon slightly and Father Agravain much more seriously, with a Kurgan knife thrust between
his ribs. 
Now, though, the more complicated question begins. Alam was never officially adopted by Baron Ranjat, 
though the Vice-Count took the boy's oath as his new baron - but Ranjat has a slew of relatives on Istakhr, 
all of whom will be arguing about who comes first in precedence to inherit. One thing is clear, though; none 
of Ranjat's family believe the proper baron is Alam bin Ranjat.

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Wild Night at Club Jehan           Nov 03 2012   Anonymous
Last Night's Party at Club Jehan, hosted by Baroness Avenal was a wild night, living up to the lavish 
expectations of the Pirate Baroness' guests, and kept up the record of not disappointing. There 
was an open bar stocked with expensive alcohol, appetizer delicacies from around the Empire, 
music that in some cases dates back to the Second Republic clubs and others from top acts of 
Leagueheim. Many notables were seen through the night, including at least two counts and her own 
Vice-Count, who seems to be the source of much gossip already, and rumor has it his bacchanalia 
the source of extravagent betting amongst the nobility and others - and possibly even some injuries
or deaths during one wild backroom orgy that could be heard from outside the door! Meanwhile, 
Count Renaud and Count Antonio arrived along with their retinues, and for a time there was 
much tension in the air, and maybe even some brawls according to one man. Count Renaud 
apparently even denounced the room and stormed out in a huff. 
Insults? Orgies? Large exchanges of money in bets? 
The Society Rags will surely have a lot to talk about from this party!

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Li Halan Love Books?               Nov 03 2012   Anonymous
So last night at the party, when Vice-count Lyov was making a pass at some Muster Sergeant, 
I heard some rumor that the Li Halan have some strange habit of writing salacious stories for private... 
consumption. And apparently it does involve forbidden loves!

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Sir William Gaheris                Nov 03 2012   Anonymous

There has been a commanding, stern face around Exodus Cathedral lately: a Sir William Nathaniel Gaheris,
Knight Grand Commander of the Swords of Lextius. He is one of the most senior Swords of Lextius alive, a minor 
Hawkwood knight who took a five-year oath and never left the holy company. He was a noted commander in the 
Church armies during the Emperor Wars, and as they drew to a close he became close to the Syneculla, the deputy 
to the Patriarch who is said to truly run the vast bureaucracy of the Universal Church. Why he is here is unknown, 
though he comes at a time when more and more Swords have been arriving on world.


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Royal Van Gelder?                  Nov 04 2012   Anonymous
One of the first bits of gossip born from Court has already hit the gossip rags, before most of the nobility has even
finished changing out of their courtly finery. The author of an anonymous but well circulated column the source:

While there is certainly much of note happening at the meeting of the Curia, the appointment of a new Constable, 
noble flip flopping in the same breath, the conflict over the Church's rights in Count Renaud's lands, a little girl talking
about streets running with blood. The standard games of the nobility, there was something else that people seem to
have missed, and the faux pas manifold in it is shocking indeed! What may this be, dearies? Yes, the Countess Amber's
claim to be from a Great House. The last I heard the Van Gelder were little more than gelded puppets of the Decados,
and hardly approaching great house status anymore. And that was only one case of minor house nobility getting uppity 
in a courtly dance that saw the other minor houses doing the same. The Scandal! It seems that the houses here have no 
respect for real Royalty, their day is done. They should be happy for the positions they have.

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Ignorant Newcomers                 Nov 05 2012   Anonymous
Hey, did you hear what some of the newcomers are moaning about now? They don't know who our nobles are! 
Stupid beggars should have got here sooner, then. Only took them more'n 900 years - and one of ours to show the
 way! Don't get me wrong, that first Crusade under Count Joscelin - Pancreator rest his soul - saved our necks and 
no mistake. But it was /him/ who got the vision, /him/ who found the Empire, and /him/ who led the lot of them to 
the Holy World, wasn't it? 
Bunch of heroes, that first lot were, taking their lives in their hands and heading off into the unknown, following a 
stranger through the stars. Heroes, I tell you. But the ones who came later, just hopping in easy as you like? Bunch 
of Johnny-come-lately landgrabbers, most of 'em! 'Course they don't know who anyone on Yathrib is. They don't 
/want to/. Knowing might get in the way of grabbing even more of the world for themselves! 
Those who make it to Revelation, I'll grant they're most likely different. They try to do what they /say/ they're here 
for, don't they? But that second crusade didn't even come close to the Holy City, did it? Or did it get lost, and just grab 
half the Antipodes /by accident/, rather'n going where the real fight is? Fah. There's barely a one of the latecomers you'll 
see here in Akko who gives a damn about any of /us/, you can be sure of that. If they did, and if our high and mighty 
'rescuers' were half so good as they tell us they are, then the Camps'd be empty and the Exodites'd be home by now. 
'Course, if that happened, those offworld Chainers couldn't farm the Camps for slaves, could they? 
So of course they /pretend/ like they don't know who the De Moley or the Justinian or the Van Gelder or our al-Malilk 
are. It's just another excuse to take what they've no right to - and they pretend like we should be grateful! For what? 
People who'll rob us blind rather'n fight the Kurgans?

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A Kidnapping                       Nov 05 2012   Anonymous
Some merchants and patrons of the Spice Market yesterday claim that three knights chased a young girl to the fountain,
where they abruptly stopped and engaged in a short and seemingly friendly conversation. After a few moments, 
the knights suddenly seized the young lady, and hauled her off with them. She was heard to be yelling something 
about blood running in the streets.

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Lost Wagers                        Nov 05 2012   Anonymous
At the Spice Market:

"That Decados Vice-Count spoke not once but twice in his own voice at the Custodial Court. The second time, 
he was /pissed/. You owe me two firebirds, friend."

"Yeah, but there was no duel at Court either. How droll. You owe me three, buddy."

"I'm not your buddy, guy."

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Honoring the Dead                  Nov 06 2012   Anonymous
Seeing the wounded and the dead arrive from Revelation is nothing new to the people of Akko. As the wagon trains
of the dead made their way yesterday to the south to pile the bodies of the dead outside of the foregate, the denizens 
of the great fortress city held up their candles and torches to create a hallway of light out of the streets guiding the
fallen warriors to the Pancreator. Word is that there was some fiasco in the Spice Market involving bodies falling off 
of the wagon, but thankfully a handful of soldiers and crusaders were there to aid in making sure the dead made it 
to their final resting place.

Word is that the legion made a push through St. Lextius Ward and managed to make some small gains. The cost, 
however, was terrible and high. The moans of the wounded is all that can be heard in the Exodite quarter where the
 healers of Sanctuary Aeon have set up their field hospitals and tents.

Hundreds of crusaders and soldiers are dead, and hundreds more are dying slowly in the open air tents of the 
Amaltheans. Hundreds more arrive every day to take their place to reclaim the Holy City.

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Preacher Throwdown                 Nov 10 2012   Anonymous
Word spreads in the drag of strange church happenings. A few days ago, during his regular sermon, the well-known
street preacher Father Giordanus was rallying crusaders and the people of Akko with stirring words about cleansing
Yathrib of the Kurgan menace. That is, until another priest showed up and interfered. Some Inquisitor, it seems, took
issue with Giordanus burning the heretics without the Synod's say-so, and preached that the Pancreator wants all souls 
converted to the true faith - not simply killed out of hand. Giordanus didn't get arrested, but onlookers say there was 
tour-de-force preaching on both sides that kept the crowd enraptured. Accusations of heresy, schism, and ignorance
of the scriptures flew both ways.

The Crusaders, of course, are less than convinced, and still think that punishing a few wayward Kurgans in Akko for 
their sins sounds like a great way to spend an evening until they get around to fighting in Revelation. And who ever 
heard of a soft-hearted Inquisitor, anyway? Things will go on as normal, for now.

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A New Order                        Nov 11 2012   Anonymous
It seems as if a new order of knights has in fact cropped up in a city where there are already dozens of other orders.
Made up mostly of a few Justinian knights, the Order of the Axe and Fist seems to not have a clear purpose. Their 
activities thus far seem mostly to revolve around drinking heavily in several establishments in Akko, and they have 
proposed a ride to Castle Sidon, their supposed Chapter House. Word has it that news of their order has been sent
offworld, but any recruits have yet to arrive.

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Employment & Adventure Opportunity Nov 12 2012   Anonymous
Rumor is spread around the city of Akko that the Charioteer, Captain Gaius Menglor is looking to put together a 
crew of intrepid souls yet again. Apparently, the Charioteer has gotten word that there may be a cache of jumpkeys 
buried by a Sathraist pilot in an oasis in the desert, and he has plans to retrieve them for the Merchant League -- 
who would no doubt be very thankful to him and any who helped retrieve them. The problem is, the Sathraists have 
heard about these jumpkeys too, and so there is a race to find the oasis first. All that is known about the location of the 
oasis is that it has a crescent-shaped lake and a mound of rocks; apparently, the Sathraist pirate concealed his stash
 in a cave beneath the rocks. So, every day the free trader 
Astraeus takes off from the Tarmac in Akko heading west towards the Great Desert in search of this Oasis.
OOC NOTE: A scene will be ran this Sunday at 6 PM EST involving the possible final search for this oasis and jumpkeys. 
Looking to get 2 to 4 additional folks to help out in this search. Contact Menglor if you're interested in participating.
Also, I plan to run some flavor scenes during the week of heading out and searching for the Oasis, if you're bored and
want some different Rp / possible action hit up Menglor.

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Raids on the coast                 Nov 14 2012   Anonymous
While holding a hunt between the vale of Cussler, a portion of the Barony of Josselin,
it appears that the small hamlet of Focault was subjected to a raid by a Kurgan naval vessel.
Ruled by the elderly and venerable Baronet Diogenes DeMoley, and already reeling from a reduction 
in its fishing grounds, Focault had very little in the way of resources. With the Count Leon nearby 
however, with his personal retinue, but also joined by Count Auberry and Countessa Joberg
and their retinues, by the Heroic Castellan of the North, Hugh the Bastard and by a merchant of some 
dubious distinction, relief was close at hand. 

Unfortunately, the nature of raids is their swift nature, never staying for a pitched battle. 
By the time the reinforcements arrived, most of the Kurgans had pulled out, leaving only 
a scant few stragglers as they tried to load their longboat to depart. Several prisoners were 
taken, and the chapel of Focault had its ritual candlesticks and other valuables returned.
Still... several people, including Baronet Diogenes and several men of the town are dead, and 
more taken as prisoner. 

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Return from Issen                  Nov 14 2012   Anonymous

Late yesterday evening, a small army of Swords of Lextius and Brother battle under the 
banner of the Jumpcross returned to Akko from the small hamlet of Issen in Leon. 
Led by Father Agravain van Gelder of the Inquisition, and accompanied by several more priests,
including a one-legged Eskatonic with feathers in her hair and a rough looking Orthodox priest,
as well as Sir Feng Charin Li Halan of the Swords and Brother Zebediah of the Brother Battle,
those officially in charge are saying little. The retainers, though, talk of piling the dead bodies
of all the residents of Issen on a pyre, and then setting fire to the bodies, the manor house, 
and the village. What the Church found in the manor isn't clear, but what is clear is that Issen is 
no more, all its residents were dead when the Church arrived, and the Inquisition felt 
whatever happened there could only be purged by fire.

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Slaves & Chainers                  Nov 15 2012   Anonymous
Talk coming out of Camp Beth is that the new Chainer Captain has been seen throwing his weight around the flesh market, 
appearantly he was some big time slaver back on Criticorum, and is planning on getting involved in the trade locally.

About town as well, they say, he was seen at the Cafe, talking with one of the local Charioteers, the Merchant prince. 
Word is the discussion involved selling a lot of slaves to the wheeler!

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Return of the Baroness             Nov 16 2012   Anonymous
Four days ago, Baroness Chiaka departed with her ship and an assortment of other notables including 
a Church Knight, a Justinian from the new Order of the Axe and Fist, and an amazingly beautiful noble 
of some house that could only be Thana, and who some stragglers mentioned is a Swordsman! Spirits 
were high, the crew seemed cocky, telling stories of a coming victory in the taverns the night before. 
Yet on their return? Spirits were anything but high, except perhaps, the spirits in their blood stream, 
even Baroness Avenal seemed quite drunk. Angry might be the best word. the Baroness herself seemed 
in the foulest mood. Her face apparently locked in an uncharacteristic scowl that bordered on both anger
and tears as she stormed to the ground car that immediately took her to Avenal, her crew boarding other 
conveyances there to do the same for them. Needless to say, success must not have been the case, even 
with twelve prisoners in tow... Meanwhile, there is even some talk in whispers in the taverns that someone
important was killed by the Baroness.

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Kurgan trade                       Nov 16 2012   Anonymous
Word has spread that there's a new trader looking to charter ships for the transfer of goods to and from Tyche.
The nature of the goods and the duration of any contract are as of yet unknown, though the offered pay is said 
to be generous. Possibly enough to wash away the bad taste of trading with the Kurgans.

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Swordsmanship                      Nov 16 2012   Anonymous
Anselm Morrot a known and respected swordsman and instructor has recently arrived on Yathrib, further rumours
are spreading that the duelist is seeking to set up a sword school in hopes of gaining students and possibly even
finding other masters willing to share knowledge. He can apparently be contacted at the Auberge.

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Circulars and Articles             Nov 16 2012   Anonymous
In the parts of Akko where the more literate sectors of society frequent, some person or persons unknown appear
to have misplaced quite a bit of reading material. There are conveniently visible discarded flyers and open magazines
left on tables and shelves - no more than one in any particular place, so they're unlikely to draw attention. The flyers
and articles cover a range of topics, but the thing that these all have in common is a byline to one Roshan Jalili-Keddah.

(OOC: This is a deliberate excuse for other people to know who Roshan is. The reading material will probably all get 
picked up or thrown away after a day or so, so it's unlikely that anyone will make the connection, but a sufficiently 
observant individual might notice the guerilla marketing ploy.)