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Bulletin Board Posts from Public Notices Board (3) for April - May 2013

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Message: 3/112                     Posted        Author
el-Dinat                           Apr 07 2013   Midare

        News filters through Akko-- an official announcement from th Barony of Jopha, from the abroness Midare Rinzetsu Li Halan herself.
        "As the siege of Ghilat began, my forces and allies were ripped apart by the first of many treacheries that was to take place during the latest conflict in Ghilat. The vile Kurgan lord of el-Dinat lost his life, and his heirs and kin lost el-Dinat forever. I place el-Dinat in the capable hands of Don Sans, who has stood with me again and again to face the enemy, whose loyalty to the cause is unquestioned, and whose prowess and skill in battle would have led us to great victory had not others chosen their own glory fist.
        Don Sans Sebastian Jose Diaz Reyes y Victor de Aragon, La Mano de Hierro, if you wish to take the burden of el-dinat upon yourself, to restore this place for future generations, I gladly bestow it to you. If for any reason it is a duty you do not feel you can accept, let us name together one worthy of the honour and burden."

Baroness Midare Kirin Rinzetsu Li Halan of Jopha

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Message: 3/113                     Posted        Author
Vote of Confidence                 Apr 08 2013   Rose
30 August 5001

Concerning the leadership of House de Moley and Lord Georffrey de Moley as Guardian of the Holy City and Lord of Akko, the Reeves are very pleased with their working relationship with the Crusader State and believe that any abrupt or chaotic change in governance could prove detrimental.

Rose Madani
Consul, Reeves Guild

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Message: 3/114                     Posted        Author
On The Festivals of The Founders   Apr 09 2013   Renaud

The Lion Tower - Leon. 

"Let it be known that this year, with the generous support of the See of Leon and the House of De Moley, that the cost of the Festivals of Malcolm and Godfrey shall be completely open to the public, all honored Crusaders and the poor. All entry fees to parties, all food booths will serve free, all alcohol will flow freely. All prizes will be doubled and additional prizes added."

"The generosity of Bishop Semyon Decados of Leon has allowed the House of De Moley to expand its traditional festival to the full two weeks and to encompass everyone of Akko. Let this feast be one of memory, as we stand on the cusp of fulfilling the vision of our Crusading Forefathers, Saint Malcolm and Saint Godfrey."

"Glory to the Church. Glory in the Crusade. Hail the Crusader State of Akko." 


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Message: 3/115                     Posted        Author
To the Warriors of the Crusade     Apr 13 2013   Fadila
A speech given at the starport::

It has been made clear to me that the Kurgan despoil the sacred sands of Yathrib, destroying true faith and worship, blighting the lands and bringing darkness with their Quipplothic idols, spreading their criminal superstitions. There is no disgrace or act of barbarism they do not dare. Mutilating the articles of the faith, destroying churches, breaking and burning icons of the saints. They massacre the faithful unless they adopt their beliefs.

What is this frenzy? What rage or madness drives them? This faith, which the Pancreator and the Prophet have revealed, established and glorified a thousandfold through miracles is the faith which they prosecute, which they wish to overturn and obliterate. They themselves are blind, not because they lack eyes but because their sin bars them from the light of the holy flame. Do they think that they will not be punished for this? Or do they not realize that the divine will block their criminal efforts? Do they think that He will allow them to remain in darkness and error? The more they give themselves over to criminal sacrilege as they have at Sidon, at Ghilat and Port Saint Claude, the more He will ready great punishment and torment for them.

My host has left our homeworld of Pyre behind so that by the sword, if I cannot otherwise, I will eliminate them and their false superstition, taking away either their heresy or their lives. If instead they choose to return to the true faith and the Light then they may send their ambassadors and be told what they need to do... But if they do not wish to do so and persist in resisting the spur, they must keep in mind what crimes and damages they have committed as they await the force of the crusade. We will deal with them comparably with the aid of divine and human force.

But we ourselves should guard our hearts against pride and envy! We are not here to squabble over temporal rulership as the mirrors of our souls blacken, we are here end the heresy and free this world for the faith. The stars dim with the tarnish of our sins as the Kurgan and Quipploth gloat at our lack of resolve.

I call upon the host of the faithful to march north with me and the warriors of Pyre to Outrajoyeux and Revelation. Let any who seek to bar our path or dissuade our advance know they aid only the darkness.

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Message: 3/116                     Posted        Author
The Refugees                       Apr 13 2013   Chiaka
To the Peerage and my fellow nobility, to the Church, to the Guild. In this time of war it is sometimes easy to forget our responsibility under the Doctrine of Martyrs and to the Empire. Our duty to the people. Earlier today, in the fires of battle, we were nearly lost not because of the enemy. But because of the anger of those who we swore to protect. The refugees. Many share our faith, many more would if we but reflect unto them the light by our shining example.

It is thus I honor my promise to the people and call upon you all to remember this, to remember the refugees as they starve and yearn for their lost homes. I call upon us all to remember them in this time of turmoil and do what we can, and especially to the Curia so we may address his issue when next we meet.

Let us work together so that the real fear of the Battle of Roadfall may never happen again.

Walk in the Light

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Message: 3/117                     Posted        Author
Speech + food at Camp Aleph        Apr 14 2013   Hugh
This speech is given at the central plaza of Camp Aleph. As a nod to the unsettled circumstances (and perhaps because he had just been in battle) Hugh gives the speech in full ceramsteel armor, under the flag of the Crusader State, flanked by a company of akko's armsmen. Overseen by armed guards, food is distributed during the speech.

"Men and women of the camps. Children of Revelation. It is the duty of the Crusader State to see to your care until Revelation is returned to you. In the past months, the State has been a bad steward, and some of that blame lies in my absence. For this, I beg your forgiveness."

"From this day forth, I will personally ensure that the hunger and the misery that have plagued these camps shall be ended."

"I also bear you tidings from the front in the East. The troops of Akko and its allies have tirelessly worked to liberate Revelation. Right now, the city of Zatan is poised to fall, and our men are ready to open a way to Revelation itself. So take heart. Your home, your final victory is closer than it has ever been during any of our lifetimes. I, who once took the walls of the Holy City, tell you that we /will/ prevail. And soon."

"I understand your frustration and your anger. So I address this to your young men: join up. My sergeant is enrolling men to replace present and future losses in Akko's legions. Join now, to fight for your true home and for the defense of the Faith. You will be paid and fed in an equal measure to those of my legionnaries from the city itself."

"May the Pancreator keep us all."

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Message: 3/118                     Posted        Author
Ghilat and Refugees                Apr 14 2013   Midare
Word goes out for a second time from the Barony of Jopha, a short and simple message.

        "I once again wish to welcome those who have been forced from their homes, their livlihoods, and their lives to Ghilat. You are without land, without business, and Ghilat needs you. In the conclusion of the siege, homes were razed, businesses were burned, and people were slaughtered. the latter are gone, the former can be rebuilt, but Ghilat needs you."

        "Blacksmiths, engineers, farmers, hydroponics experts, mechanics, merchants-- Ghilat once thrived but now these opportunities are unfilled, available."

        "I am further pleased to say that Count Renaud generously offered 10000 firebirds to the relief of Ghilat following the siege. Wishing not to be beholden to the lord of another county, I asked him to deliver this sum to the Almatheans so that they might render aid as they saw fit."

        "Now I realize the course of action most needed is that this sum be rendered to the people through a resettlement fund. It benefits the entire Crusader state to see Ghilat once again thrive. So I request that this sum of money be distributed to those willing to resettle and take up new lives in Ghilat, rebuilding the shops and businesses, re-sowing the land. There is room for you in Ghilat, weary citizens. There is opportunity, where elsewhere you will be seen as intruder and outsider. To Ghilat I welcome you."

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Message: 3/119                     Posted        Author
Reminder                           Apr 14 2013   Momoko
        I am at heart a staunch defender of the faith and I strive to show the light to those among us who are less fortunate. Unfortunately, I feel that I also have to temper that faith with reason. Reason is important on several levels, the first of which because you are meant to think for yourself. The pancreator did not create us as static puppets, we are men and women born from him. We make choices, we can create and destroy as we see fit, we can think, learn, love, like, hate and any number of things that most other things can't. This is the preface to this message.

        Let me remind you that wish to help the refugees about a small point. When they were given lands, houses and jobs. Given the tools to do those jobs and money to begin their jobs, they did not settle back into the life of normalcy and law. They settled into squatting, they sold off everything in order to make a few quick firebirds. They destroyed the livelihood that other familes had spent centuries on with no concern or care for those livelihoods that they destroyed. They are not out to find themselves in gainful employment or to better their lives, they are not capable of that yet. In a way the people of Yathrib caused this. In a larger way, these refugees allowed themselves to become what they are.

        So let me be the voice of reason and remind you that helping these people is noble and worthy, but helping them in the wrong way is both wasteful and a disservice to them. They do not want lands and homes and jobs at this point in time. They want food and drink, they want to be listened to. Stop offering lands and start offering food if you're going to help or don't help at all.

Baronesa Momoko Adelaida Enishi

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Message: 3/120                     Posted        Author
The refugees                       Apr 14 2013   Midare
I am not surprised Momoko Hazat has expressed the things she has with regards to the refugees. I fear her knowledge of human nature is limited, as I have seen first hand. 

A man who is given a house full of goods, which he has not worked for or earned, will not hold these things dear. A man who has striven for what he has, worked for every treasure, no matter how small, and coaxed green from the land will, on the other hand, hold it dear. he will treasure and fight for it.

The lottery was a generous idea but it's failure was in gifting people with things they had not worked for. Easy come, easy go. They came upon this property with ease, so of course they feared it would be taken just as easily. It held little value to their hearts. So they grasped, took, and disposed of it to give them something to carry with them, something to which they could hold.

Ghilat is different. I offer the people who come no easy life. the homes and business lie in ruins. the land is sooty and burned. They must rebuild upon a graveyard. We will assist them with money to help them get the things they need to rebuild, so they may eat while they work and wait for new crops to grow.

Once again, let me be clear-- what I offer is opportunity. Ghilat has been left without many of the people who once made it thrive. Therefore there is room for new people to come in and take their place. It will be work, but once the day is done, those who have come and worked and strived will find rebirth, hope, and opportunity.

I wish all who come luck. Seek my stewards and myself out for your immediate needs, and with work, you will gain fortune. I know the people of Yathrib are capable of this.

        Baroness Midare Kirin Rinzetsu Li Halan

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Message: 3/121                     Posted        Author
Glorious Constable of Yathrib      Apr 16 2013   Momoko
People of Yathrib,
        Look around you. Do you see the seeds of dischord sown by our enemies? Do you see the blood of those who fight on to protect our broken, battered and nearly defeaten kingdom? If the answer to both of these questions was yes, then I know why we are now in the predicament we are in. If the answer was yes to one, hopefully it was the right one. We have broken ourselves through our petty bickering and money grabbing attitudes. Duke Maximino was right to abhor us, to reach out and remind us that we had a common enemy with a common goal. We have an advantage now! We know who we are fighting. We were not so lucky before! And we are fighting ourselves.
        Too long have we flailed against one another's inflated ego, overly zealous cultistry and asinine circumloquatious protocols. We are not fighting a war, we're attempting to stimy it. We are attempting to maintain the status quo. We are fractured, broken up and the cause of this is simple: No strong leadership. William attempted to unite us under one flag and we bickered and argued amongst ourselves about who should contribute the greater portion of the phallic object we called a crusade. It went limp as soon as it fell upon our own interests and we soon lost the ability, nay, not the ability, but the gumption, nay not the gumption, but the humanity to proceed with what was a noble cause. That cause has been sullied.
        So I make this speech today to announce something! I, Baronesa Momoko Adelaida Enishi of Haqq, will be running for Lord Constable of the Holy City of Akko. What do I promise? Nothing and everything. I promise a fucking war. I promise that we stop having to worry about every side. And if I can't have it? Then the Planet of Yathrib doesn't want it and you are disgraces to your houses and the faith of our holy pancreator. We have one mission, one job. That is it. We should do it with fervour, love and diligence. Not Sloth, Greed and Avarice.

Future Constable
Baroness Momoko Adelaida Enishi

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Message: 3/122                     Posted        Author
A Speech in the Cathedral          Apr 21 2013   Fadila
Following a rather tense conversation between the Crusader commander Fadila and Adept Moroko the former ended up giving the following speech in the Exodus Cathedral:

Upon the distant world I Pyre I slept, and in my slumber I was blessed, in my dreams came Saint Mantius bearded and fierce, with flux sword and blaster, and Saint Lextius with him, wearing armour of mirrors. They spoke and their words were the command of the divine. Travel through the darkness of space, travel to the place where Zebulon beheld the holy flame and free that most holy of worlds from the grip of sin.

Of the love or hatred the Pancreator has for the Kurgan I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown from the world of Yathrib, except those that die here. The Pancreator has commanded this and so it is necessary that I do it.

Will many of us die in doing god's work? No doubt we will but every man gives his life for what he believes. Every woman gives her life for what she believes. Sometimes people believe in little or nothing, and so they give their lives to little or nothing. One life is all we have, and we live it as we believe in living it... And then it is gone.

But to surrender who you are to to live without belief is more terrible than dying. Do you believe in the Holy Flame? Then forget your pride, your wealth, your jealousies and rivalries. Set aside your mortal life for the other life with god that can only be reached if your soul mirror is pure and the forces of the Quipploth vanquished. Do not delay! The final night is falling, better today than tomorrow, better tomorrow than waiting for for another day which may not dawn.


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Message: 3/123                     Posted        Author
A Speech by Sir Cephus             Apr 22 2013   Cephus
* Speech given concerning Sir Cephus of Justinian to his soldiers and men on the march towards Remle concerning his soon to be scheduled departure to Akko.*

Brothers of Yathrib and Holy Crusaders,

        It has come to my attention that my name has been bandied about in regards to the crisis in Akko for the position of Constable. Let me first say that I am no politician. I am a knight. My oath is to our Holy cause and I fight, bleed, and stand here before you a soldier of this Holy land of Yathrib. I have lived an honorable life and have achieved successes I never dreamed possible. I have trained many knights and soldiers and among you I see many who have swelled my heart with pride for what you have become today.

        The accomplishments in my life pale in comparison to the needs of our State and the needs of the Crusades. There are no set of accomplishments or skills that can prepare one for such a critical moment in our history. But by the will of the Pancreator we are simply mortal vessels cast forth into the desert sands and we are given purpose but by the grace of God. I am a knight and a servant of God above all things.

        I, Sir Cephus of Justinain, Master of Arms of Remle, High Almoner of Akko, and other assorted titles and accomplishments that have no relevance. I am but dust. These titles are but words. I am but a man blessed by the Pancreator to achieve all I have by both sword and deed. I will not seek the position of Constable or Chancellor. I am not a man filled with pride that I will put myself forward for this task. I am a servant and it is my duty to serve wherever the Pancreator shall send me.

        While I am a humble servant of His will should the Pancreator's see to it that my name is delivered forth as either Constable or Chancellor of the Crusader State then I shall rise. And I shall do my duty. I shall come forth with no a priori politics or motivations. I will come bared to all fresh from the dust and sweat of battle. And I shall bring forth myself beholden to no one but the Almighty. And I shall bridge the gap that was left to fester and widen far too long. I shall rally behind the people of Yathrib to bring forth new vigor to our Holy War while remembering the plight of those who suffer at its expense.

        I am no politician. I am a soldier. And I am a soldier of the one true Almighty God. Should he ask me to lay down my sword and call me to serve it is not within my will to deny He who has given me everything. And I shall set the State to purpose of victory and glory in the Pancreator's name. I would do so having met with no Counts, having made no deals, and promised no favors that shall hinder unity in face of all of our derisiveness. And if chose I would set our State to purpose in his name. May He have mercy on our souls.

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Message: 3/124                     Posted        Author
The Video                          Apr 22 2013   Momoko
        Momoko appears on Camera, twitching, staring, lips not happy but frowning and pursed. She is fully clothed.

        "This is a simple announcement. I will find you. I will find the person that used my likeness for lies. I will kill you, whoever you are. I will find you, I will kill you, I will slit your throat and revel in the sounds of you trying to breathe through your own blood. You will rue the day you poked the hornets nest. Rue it. Also, next time, pay more attention to who you're trying to copy. I don't use a sword, I use a katana."

End broadcast.

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Message: 3/125                     Posted        Author
Martin de Moley                    Apr 24 2013   Agravain
                         DECLARATION OF EXCOMMUNICATION                         
                                Martin de Moley                                 

In fulfillment of my solemn duty to protect the One True Faith and preserve the unity of the Church Universal, and my obligation to exercise vigilance as required for the salvation of souls, I, Agravain van Gelder, Priest of the Church Universal, by the Pancreator's grace Abbot of St. Palamedes the Redeemer, Inquistor of the Holy Synod, do declare as follows:

Sir Martin de Moley, formerly Baron of Newbridge in the County of Auberry, was a vassal enfeoffed to the Count Auberry. He became guest of Sir Karl Justinian, Marquis of Sidon, and was entrusted with entrance to the Castle of Sidon. There, he took bread and wine with the Castellan, Sir Randall Justinian, under the sacred laws of hospitality. The Marquis Sidon was north, with his armies, battling the Kurgan in furtherance of our great Crusade. 

Martin de Moley, though, was determined to be false in the Pancreator's eyes. To be a black and purjured liar, an oathbreaker, a violator of hospitality, and certainly, with the Pancreator as my witness, no true knight or nobleman. Seeking his own glory rather than that of the Pancreator, and being carried away by the fire of ambition, assisted by accomplices, including Sir Guillaume De Moley, he turned traitorously upon those who guarded Sidon Keep, betraying them to the Kurgan enemy and laying the great stronghold of the Craglands bare against the enemy.

We have not words for the treason of Martin de Moley. Beyond the pale of even grave and enduring scandal, his actions offend God and man, and his delicts are uncountable and unspeakable. He supports the enemies of Holy Mother Church, denies reflected grace to his own subjects and vassals, and damns himself to the cold burning of Gehenne through his betrayal and his contumacious rejection of the Bull of His Holiness the Patriarch declaring the Crusade.

Therefore, having given due consideration to the evidence, and with the Pancreator alone before my eyes, I, by this definitive sentence, do declare that Martin de Moley has committed the canonical crimes of hersey, schism, oathbreaking, and pertinacious rejection of church doctrine. By virtue of his crimes, he has incurred, latae sententiae, excommunication from the body of the faith. Therefore, Martin de Moley, and all others who lent aid, counsel or consent to this nefarious crime, by the authority of almighty Pancreator, I hereby excommunicate, anathematize, and solemnly command and declare to be separated from the communion of the Church and to be held for schismatics, and to be avoided by all the faithful.

Let no minister of the faith grant him any absolution from sin until he has repented of his sin to the Patriarchal See, through the intercession of the Universal Inquisition, and made amends. Let none of the faithful give him aid or succor. Should he not repent his foul crimes, may his soul be damned to never find the luminous return, and left to scream in the cold depths of the dark between the stars until the final day when the Pancreator's light fills all of creation and even the Lost shall again be returned to Him.

Given on this, the 11th day of September, the feast day of Saint Paphnutius the Confessor, in the Year of the the Pancreator 5001, it being the 2278th year since the Prophet saw the Holy Flame, and in the reign of His Holiness Hezekiah the Elder, Patriarch of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun, the 29th.


/s/ Agravain van Gelder
Presbyter Ecclesiae Universalis
Abbatis S. Palamedes Redemptor
S. Officii Sigillo tenentem Inquisitorial


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Message: 3/126                     Posted        Author
Writ Excommunicato Capiendo        Apr 24 2013   Agravain
To our brothers and sisters in the Faith of the Pancreator, may the blessings of the Celestial Sun be upon you.

In furtherance of my duties as Inquisitor of the Church Universal, and mindful of the excommunication of Martin, formerly of House de Moley, formerly Baron of Newbridge, I do hereby declare as follows:

A writ excommunicato capiendo is issued against the heretic and schismatic Martin, and by the paramount authority of the Church Universal and the Pancreator, the said Martin is to be captured and kept or detained at the pleasure of Holy Mother Church so that he may answer for his crimes. And for such capture and detention, let this be your warrant.

Further, I declare that any who turn their attention to this task, and who capture the said Martin, shall in addition to temporal rewards, be blessed with the grace of the Pancreator. Specifically, all individual faithful truly repentant, duly confessed, communing sacramentally, and who pray according to the intentions of the Supreme Patriarch, and who participate in such capture, will be able to acquire a Plenary Indulgence from the temporal punishment for their sins imparted by God’s mercy, applicable also in suffrage to the souls of the deceased faithful.

Given in Akko on this, the 11th day of September, the feast day of Saint Paphnutius the Confessor, in the Year of the the Pancreator 5001, it being the 2278th year since the Prophet saw the Holy Flame, and in the reign of His Holiness Hezekiah the Elder, Patriarch of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun, the 29th.

/s/ Agravain van Gelder
Presbyter Ecclesiae Universalis
Abbatis S. Palamedes Redemptor
S. Officii Sigillo tenentem Inquisitorial

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Message: 3/127                     Posted        Author
Cry Pancreator, Crusader!          Apr 24 2013   Renaud

This speech is given in Akko, during the great feast of Saint Godfrey as part of the festivities the Bishopric of Leon and the County of Leon have given the city, as the Twin Festivals of the Founders. Renaud stands from his chair at the head of the table, gathered round captains of Leon, Akko and Crusaders from the worlds beyond all present. His speech is recorded and sent out to the cities and towns of the Crusader State. 

"Stand up now, board the ships, Crusaders! Stand up now! 
Let us sail across the gulf or build bridge with our honored dead!
In time of peace there is nothing so honored in a man
As bold action and humility paired together. 
But when Holy war calls to Holy men, 
Then those men bring forth the soul of the Lion.
Cast off humble posture for fury and raise up your claws,
Throw off your quiet honor and show forth your terrible rage,
Lend to your brothers of Leon Mantius' own fearful aspect."

"Let your battle cry sound across the field, 
That no kurgan soul lacks understanding who they face.
Make your features as stern as your souls unbending,
and your jaw as hard as the gaze of Zakhayelos,
as he strides the plains of war, his fiery sword descending.
Onward, you, most brave of the Yathribi, fill your lungs
and scream with the strength and glory of the Pancreator."

Renaud turns to address the Crusader Captains, who bear badges of so many houses, addressing each in turn, holding gaze before moving on as he speaks. 

"You, the most noble of men under the suns, who crusade! 
Those whose blood is drawn from heroes, soldiers and men of valor,
all born of war! Fathers that like so many crusaders, 
have fought for every glade, hillock and rise under holy light, 
Sons that look to fathers with reverence and awe, drawing their
blades to make like they, for sons they have not yet conceived.
Mothers whose pride stirs us and who's scorn moves us, and daughters
we would spill all the blood in the lands to protect. 
For they, we move forth, for they! For they we move to Abay. "

"Stand as an example to beasts who worship Kurgan Gods,
and teach those hollow men how to make war. And you,
good armsmen, who's bodies cast in Leon, show us here,
The mettle of your manufacture, be it hard and be it proud.
For you are the worth of your breeding, a worth I doubt not,
For there is none of you I would call coward or base
I see you stand like gracklefox in cage,
Straining upon the decks, wanton of release.
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge..."

"Cry 'Pancreator for Geoffrey, Yathrib, and The Emperor!' 
For we take Abay, and by the coming of winter, the Road to Revelation shall be open."


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Message: 3/128                     Posted        Author
Speech at Crow's Landing           Apr 29 2013   Julien
The following speech was given in Crow's Landing amidst the army of gathered Crusaders there. Julien Hawkwood has seen fit to send excerpts to every single Crusader garrison; ominously, all the armsmen and knights present at the scene were in Crow's Landing black, armed to the teeth, its banners flying high.

"It is admirable that so many of us with our respectable expertises are serving the Crusader State in one way or another. However, it is easy for our holy mission to be lost in the haze of glory and promises of bloodshed and in the dirt inherent to politics, be they local or not. 

We often forget that, before we can look at eachother as enemies, we must look outward, to the infidels encroaching on our borders, seizing our relics, destroying the homes of families and the families themselves, their nefarious objective to subjulgate every single free soul among the State and turn them into slaves and chattel. Some of us advocate compromising with the enemy, treating them as though they were nothing more than honorable foes. Why, then, if they have proven repeatedly that they are not? 

That they sail to raid our lands, that they field armies to loot, pillage and rape, to maim and kill. I spit on any such notion that diplomacy is paramount to dealing with the Kurgan menace. A rabid animal must be put down, and so shall it be that I, Julien Bryce Hawkwood, pledge as I stand on this manor I personally bloodied my hands to conquer, will not offer quarter nor succor to the enemy. They will be slain like the beasts they are by every single able-bodied blade and rifle at my command.

Under the Pancreator's everlasting light I swear that they will not find a shade to rest, nor a moment's pause to breathe, nor peace within these lands so long as they continue to dare to trespass it, to conquer it for themselves and take them from their rightful owners. The only banner I shall accept is that of unconditional surrender and even then, they shall either convert or die. 

We shall march north, my friends! We shall rip the head of Martin the Traitor off the rest of his body, restore the lands of Sidon to the Known Worlds and then march on to vanquish the enemy in their own mis-begotten homes as soon as those lands are safely within the auspices of the Pancreator's one true faith once again.

To those waiting for a chance to shine, too prove themselves, join me, and let us pave a future anew!"

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Message: 3/129                     Posted        Author
Rose Madani - Deputy for QC of Nor May 01 2013   Hugh
To the peers of the Curia and the people of Akko,

Consul Rose Madani shall be serving as my deputy in Akko for the time being. In her capacity as deputy she will be acting with my authority and in my name.

Hugh of Justinian,
Quarter-Castellan of the North

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Message: 3/130                     Posted        Author
Ashworth Asylum                    May 02 2013   Candi
        Ashworth Asylum, an institution of the Oubliette guild, has opened an office in the Foregate of Akko. Ashworth caters to the needs of the mentally disturbed and emotionally troubled. Its physicks are dedicated to recovering the lost art of healing the fragmented mind.
         According to Mind-Physick Albert Ashworth, director, patients are expected to cover the cost of their care but he states that charity cases are considered on an individual basis.

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Message: 3/131                     Posted        Author
Auberry Chamberlain                May 17 2013   Olivia
Official Announcement from House Decados

It is with this formal announcement that I, Olivia Elisabetta Decados, Court Baroness to the Duchess Salandra Decados, place Dame Fiamma Feodorovna Decados as Chamberlain to the County of Auberry and Maleband. With the upcoming nuptials and business that is required of us in Auberry proper, Dame Fiamma will act in our stead here in Akko. 

We have much faith in the work and reputation Dame Fiamma brings to Yathrib and fully welcome her to the fold.

Olivia E. Decados
Court Baroness to the Duchess

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Fenford Speech                     May 18 2013   Sofia
People of Fenford! 

I stood as I still stand with you despite all adversities, protecting your prosperity and contributing through your service. I wish to continue looking after you in the future as well.

However, I must take this one step further, to ensure that our efforts remain victorious in the end. As such, I hereby deem myself the Baroness of Fenford and protector of these lands. 

Together, we shall triumph! And know that it will be an honor to take this station. Should there be contention, please let it be heard now.

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A Warning                          May 18 2013   Sans
Sans stands with some Hazat men in Fenford, and he lets his voice carry through:

Should there be any opposition to my beloved's claim upon this land, let it be heard now, so that I may detach the unfortunate person's head from their necks with my sword. Thus I promise on behalf of The Hazat and the names of my family.