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Return of Cephus of Justinian      Dec 01 2012   Anonymous
The return of a knight from captivity is usually an insignificant event.
The recent return of Cephus of Justinian however has had some traction due to the nature of the knight's storied history. Believed to have fallen during the fall of Remle after    
having saved his Lord from a killing blow and fending off four Kurgans to get him to safety; it seems the former knight captain and master of arms spent the last eight years in   
captivity. Recently escaped he has returned to Akko emaciated and haggard from the long years of his imprisonment.
The early fifties knight was once a noteworthy competitor in tournaments having been a tournament champion more than once in both mounted and melee events. Cephus was a   
native who surprisingly to many took up the banner of Hugh of Justinian and served as his first and oldest knight. His name is also notable to many natives as he trained and  
worked with many noteworthy knights, heirs, and nobility whom have benefited from his tutelage. He was known to be exceptionally loyal, steadfast, compassionate, courageous, 
and personable.

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