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Caelwyn Ichiro Xiu-Feng Li Halan

Earl of the Twisted Spire, Lord of Sigil Rock, Baron-Warden of Sa'frya, Honourable Lord General of the Glorious Forces of the Kishian Quin-Long Li Halan


Introductory Statements

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Basic Information


Of only middle height but serious demeanour, Caelwyn's features are browned and bitten by the light of far-flung worlds, telling of years of toil in the service of his House's military. A pronounced epicanthic fold hints to his Li Halan family origins, although the stocky man of middle years bears no scars nor marks from his career that can be seen on visible skin, not so much as a cut, only a swordsman's calluses.


  • Grand Duke Maximino Li Halan
  • Countess Amber din alt Van Gelder
  • Count Renaud de Moley
  • Count Antonio de Rolas y Vivar de Justus, del Hazat
  • Baron Hugh of Justinian
  • Baroness Chiaka Justinian
  • Baroness Midare Li Halan
  • Baroness Sofia Benignamin de Aragon
  • Father-Abbot Agravain van Gelder
  • Lady Linnea Torenson
  • Lady Samina al-Malik
  • Sir Cephus Justinian
  • Sister Naima bint Justinian
  • Master Zaed



Lord-General of the Li Halan
Date of Birth: Sometime in 4947
Homeworld: Kish
Home County: Offworld Crusader

Physical Effects:
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The Birthday Massacre - Red Stars

Tarja Turunen - Oasis

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