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[[Battle of Vimer Ridge]], Riebecksland, October 5001
[[Battle of Vimer Ridge]], Riebecksland, October 5001
[[Jericho Briefing]], Akko, October 5001
[[Jericho Briefing]], Akko, October 5001
[[Operation Panopticon]], Riebeckslands, October 5001
[[Operation Panopticon]], Riebeckslands, October 5001

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The Shining Gulf - Click to view full size.

In the Fall of 5001, the Li Halan soldiers of the Dragon Legion, along with a variety of coalition troops launched an amphibious assault on the coast of Riebecksland. The collated information is presented here.

No personal RP logs will be posted here regardless of the number of PCs involved, only Rumours, Campaign Updates, TPs, and Battles.

Rumours and News

September 5001

Akko Navy Sets Sail on Exercises Jun 04 2013

The five squadrons of the Akko Navy took on supplies and munitions and departed port, standing out to sea and steaming southwards. The press-gangs were out a little in and around the dockyard areas to top up the crews, but the short period between orders and departure prevented much in the way of desertion.

While there is at present no appointed Lord Warden of the Port, the dockside rumours around the wharves as the long-quiescent vessels readied themselves for a voyage are that a shakedown cruise and exercise is planned after their extended time in harbour. In the taverns frequented by the officers, however, the discussion focused on the curious news that the destination for the exercises was not being disseminated through the fleet, presumably to avoid any rumours reaching the roaming fleet of the Caid of Tyche.

Crusaders Head South Jun 07 2013

The military preparations that had turned the Old Terminal into a hive of Crusader activity over the last several weeks have come to fruition, with a column of cavalry, foot, motorised infantry, artillery tractors, armoured fighting vehicles and supply trucks heading out of the city under the Dragon-and-Jumpcross banner of the Dragon Legion of the Li Halan.

Curiously, they were headed south, along the coastal road, although recent rumours in the City have indicated that the relationship between Countess Amber and the devout Lord-General have become strained of late, and there seemed to be a low likelihood of any Li Halan forces being committed to the battles for Teldam.

Campaign Updates

September 5001

The navy of Akko appeared on the Riebeck coast out of nowhere, and from its ships spilled hundreds of Li Halan legionaries -- even some armor -- in a lightning-attack, driving towards the mountains east of Rabaq. At the head of the force was Lord Caelwyn Li Halan, single-mindedly headed for the town of Castle Peak -- but for all his shock and awe the Kurgans were ready to respond. Even as Kurgan forces pivoted from supporting the drive towards Teldam, dropships from the Kasbah fell from the sky onto Akko's fleet, just as Caelwyn's soldiers had begun their campaign. Blasters and lasers scored fire into the sails of her ships -- the frigate 'Stormbringer', one of Akko's most powerful vessels, was set alight, while much of 'Hautclere's Gold Squadron was damaged before 'Durandal', the powerful fusion-driven flagship of the Lord Warden's squadron was able to turn guns on the dropships. The surviving vessels from Gold Squadron were taken in tow, while those Stormbringers who survived were put aboard vessels for the sail back to Akko, leaving the hulk of 'Stormbringer' as a testament to Kurgan fury.

Battles and Missions

October 5001

Battle of Vimer Ridge, Riebecksland, October 5001

Jericho Briefing, Akko, October 5001

Operation Panopticon, Riebeckslands, October 5001