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Name House Decados
Colors Green on Black
Homeworld Severus, Cadiz, Cadavus, Malignatius, Pandemonium
Titular Head Prince Hyram Decados
Local Head Olivia Decados (Technically Marco)


History of the House

Decados history, brief summary and Yathrib history.

House Culture and Ways

Decados House Mores goes here. What mores?


Barony of Saba


Life of a Decados vassal goes here.

  • Count Feodor Mikhailovich Kurakin Decados - Count of Auberry and Maleband, other titles omitted. Former Lord Chancellor.
  • Marco Anatoly Kurakin Decados - Viscount of Auberry post Lyov's departure; Feodor's third son.
  • Olivia Decados - Court Baroness, betrothed to Marco.
  • Fiamma Decados - Dame, Chamberlain to Count Feodor.
  • Arkady Ivanovich Decados - Baron Margat.
  • Constantine Rasputin Decados - Mantis Knight.
  • Sergei Yevgenyevich Rumyantsev Decados - Mantis Knight.
  • Ilya Anton Borja - Diplomat to Prince Hyram
  • Seymon Ivanovich Decados - Bishop of Leon
  • Yuri Ivanovich Decados - Diplomat to Auberry
  • Owyn - Stable hand

Typical Decados Traits

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  • Natural Skills:
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