Faithful and Bold: House De Moley

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Faithful and Bold: House De Moley
Name House De Moley
Colors Gold and Blue
Homeworld Yathrib
Titular Head Geoffrey DeMoley
Local Head Geoffrey DeMoley

Faithful and Bold


Founded by Bertram de Moley, a faithful man-at-arms to Lucas Kambei (Saint Lextius), the House of De Moley has deep roots in the church and faith. So faithful was Bertram, that when Lextius closed down the jumpgate to Dogen and sealed his world away, Bertram chose exile with his friend and master.

Beyond Bertram, there is no clear record of the De Moley until the ascension of Hugh De Moley, who was a commander in the service of House Windsor during the Disapora. The De Moley have a loose association with that house, which was later folded into the Hawkwood. Hugh himself had a reputation as an avid pilot and trouble shooter, equally adept on the ground and in the air, making them ideally suited explorers and frontiersmen, and even more so during the Sathra Wars of the diaspora, able to take the fight in space to the ground with fluid seamlessness.

This sense of personal exceptionalism and versatility would serve the house well, but is not the sort of activity that moves a house from minor to major, and certainly not to great. The house did gain lands on Yathrib and Holy Terra, which tied it more firmly to its faith and enriched it's ability to work with the church.

The rise of the Second Republic saw a decline of the house, as it's culture and ideals were not well suited to a nanny-state where personal initiative and bold action were increasingly frowned upon. No longer could a nobleman simply beat a mugger down, he might sue you. And really, the police are better suited to this task, right? Why should anyone get involved. Exploration was automated, and robots took over most the military duties.

This removal of personal responsibility led to more and more De Moley joining the church and taking a hard line, anti-republican stance. The apathy of the human soul can only be countered by faithful and bold action. Action that the Republic, with it's welfare system and nanny-state mentality completely subverted.

It was Godfrey De Moley, at the fall of the Second Republic who would come to best epitomize the ethos and creed of the De Moley,

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Yet in the crucible of Yathrib, the De Moley's formed new roots, especially after the ascension of Godfrey, the founder of the modern house.

It was Godfrey, who with Malcolm Xavier Justinian, vowed to keep open the jump gate from Aylon to Yathrib after the Fall of the 2nd Republic so that Pilgrims could still come to Yathrib. They helped to found the legendary Brother Battle. It was also they who defended Yathrib against the Sathraists, although Malcom was slain and Godfrey crippled.

From that time, the De Moley have remained more provincial, tending to their growing interests on Yathrib, but were instrumental in gaining official recognition of Brother Battle as an arm of the Universal Church.