Faithful and Bold: House De Moley

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Faithful and Bold: House De Moley
Name House DeMoley
Colors Blue and Yellow
Homeworld Yathrib
Titular Head Geoffrey DeMoley
Local Head Geoffrey DeMoley

The House of De Moley




The Betrayal

The Faithful and the Bold

Bertram de Moley was a faithful man-at-arms to Saint Lextius, Disciple of Zebulon the Prophet. So faithful was Bertram, that when Lextius, was stranded when the gate to Dogen was closed, he remained exiled with his master. This was the beginning of a dynasty to last millennia.

Or so says the annals of the De Moley.

In truth, there is no clear record of the family until the ascension of Hugh, who during the late Diaspora was a commander in service to House Windsor. Hugh, a mercenary who held lands on Holy Terra, was a skilled and eager pilot who gained a reputation as a troubleshooter. As the 2nd Republic formed, he matured into the prototypical space and ground fighter, who because of his connection to Holy Terra, retained strong in faith.

Hugh was, according to some accounts, one in a long lineage of mercenaries who fought by space and land light years from the faith that sustained them.

Over the years, much of the ancient tradition had faded, especially after Yathrib was isolated. As the 2nd Republic throve, the De Moley found themselves odd men out. They admired individualism and rewarded exceptionalism. The 2nd Republic, they felt ,over weaned its people. Apathy grew.

Yet in the crucible of Yathrib, the De Moley's formed new roots, especially after the ascension of Godfrey, the founder of the modern house.

It was Godfrey, who with Malcolm Xavier Justinian, vowed to keep open the jump gate from Aylon to Yathrib after the Fall of the 2nd Republic so that Pilgrims could still come to Yathrib. They helped to found the legendary Brother Battle. It was also they who defended Yathrib against the Sathraists, although Malcom was slain and Godfrey crippled.

From that time, the De Moley have remained more provincial, tending to their growing interests on Yathrib, but were instrumental in gaining official recognition of Brother Battle as an arm of the Universal Church.