Fall 5001 Challenges

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Below are all the economy challenges for Fall 5001; as characters solve challenges, we will update this page, and ultimately this will form part of a history of what happens to the various fiefs.

Each challenge will describe the problem, propose two or more solutions, and indicate the current status of the challenge.

Johburg Challenges

County of Johburg

Fuel Shortages

Johburg's ships and vehicles have been on the move, and as a consequence fuel is becoming more and more scarce, impacting businesses as well as military costs. Some possible solutions:

  • Have the Constable or the Curia agree to supply fuel to Johburg from the Crusader State's reserves as a necessary war expense.
  • Borrow from Teldam's stores of refined whale oil to subsidize oil for merchants.
  • Get support from Rotdam to institute rationing among the merchants in Johburg by promising that Rotdam's merchants won't exploit the rationing.

Status: Unsolved

Salt Fish

Johburg's fishing fleet has had an unusually large catch, and so there is a shortage of salt to preserve the catch for winter. Here are some potential solutions:

  • Import salt from the salt marshes in Fenford.
  • Arrange for Avenal to send rock salt from its mines.

Status: Unsolved

The Walls of the Johburg

Countess Amber has been engaged in trying to upgrade and refortify the Johburg as her lands recover from the Betrayal, and she has been making excellent progress -- but there is always more work to be done, and indeed it now serves as an important source of civic aid, putting the indigent to work. Right now, she needs to lay in more stone before the winter sets in. Some possible solutions:

  • The Baron of Helborg has many quarries in his lands, and could provide cut stone to Johburg.
  • Instead of quarried stone, Amber could purchase maxicrete reclaimed from Second Republic buildings on the open market. A Reeve PC could arrange for a loan, or she could negotiate with Leon or Crow's Landing to establish a base camp where she could send some of her own men into the Pilgrim's Landing badlands to scavenge.

Status: Unsolved

Harvest Partners

As Johburg's serfs begin to bring in the harvest, it is time to find markets for her excess food this year. Some possible solutions:

  • The Chancellor could agree to buy Johburg rice for the Refugee contracts.
  • The Lord of Joyeaux could buy Johburg crops and use them to feed the crusaders who winter there.
  • Lord Hugh could purchase Johburg crops and use them to feed war-torn Zatan and, potentially, Remle.

Barony of Teldam

Whaling Fleet Raids

Kurgan pirates have been hitting the Teldam whaling fleet, causing ships to have to break away from the pursuit of pods, avoid rich whaling area