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Fiamma Feodorovna Decados
Chamberlain to Auberry and Maleband, Dame of the Decados



The storm is gone
and the temperature's high
and Delilah's dining
at my table

PJ Harvey

Basic Information

Fiamma is a 30-year-old noblewoman from Severus. She grew up in Tsaritsyn, where she attended a prestigious academy for young nobles. After graduation, she resided on many different worlds, most notably on Byzantium Secundus. Her purpose on Yathrib is to advance the goals and influence of House Decados.


A noblewoman in her late twenties, Fiamma is a lady of graceful bearing and somewhat stark features. Though she's not very tall, the way she carries herself makes it seem so. Her back is upright, chin elevated, looking down on the world with idle curiosity. Her hair, black as coal, tumbles down her shoulders in wild waves. Something in the set of her lips seems more watchful than the eye, more shrewd. Her eyes reveal nothing. They are as empty as they are dark, outlined in kohl and shadowed with thick lashes. There is some softness beneath the harsh features, though not obvious at first glance.

Her manner of dress is just as striking. It plays with tradition, skirting the edge of eccentric. Pale skin meets fabric that is a fine charcoal black, almost velveteen, though not as soft. There is always a small detail of red, a flame amidst the coals, whether a jewel or some other trinket. Lace is layered tightly upon her breasts, hinting more and revealing less in the cut of her cleavage. Her arms are left bare, her shoulders encircled in upright, irregular spikes of lace. A corseted bodice accentuates the curve of waist, though it doesn't widen into one of those cumbersome, large skirts. A cut of fabric in front and back stands in lieu, reminiscent of ancient warriors. The slits on the sides give freedom of movement, revealing legs covered in black tights. Riding boots mean business, but not without a flair of rugged elegance. The outfit manages to be regal and practical at the same time.



Wayward Flame

Chamberlain, Dame of the Decados
Date of Birth: February 2, 4971
Homeworld: Severus
Home County: Auberry and Maleband

Height: 167cm
Weight: 57kg
Physical Effects: Attractive I (Pretty)
Status: Unmarried



Morphine - Rope on Fire

All the wheels are coming loose, close-up shot of a burning fuse
The sky is filled with question marks, will the chains come apart?
These few seconds that I've left to go, flames and chaos down below
And the earth opens wide, got to climb a rope on fire

Nick Cave - Lovely Creature

Oh the sands, my lovely creature
And the mad, moaning winds
At night the deserts writhed
With diabolical things