Firearms Maneuvers

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While formal training in firearms is rare due to the cost of ammunition, some people - particularly members of the Muster or elite House ranger units - do engage in formal practice with guns. By the same token, many lone explorers learn tricks with their weapons out of necessity or a desire to master their craft.

Unlike with melee or martial acts, firearms maneuvers are not taught in styles; while some groups may teach a collection of maneuvers, they do not have prerequisites or any order in which they need to be learned.

Firearms Manuever List

Ranger Training

In the Second Republic a soldier would receive extensive training in the use of a firearm in combat. In the 50th century few House, Guild, or Church militaries have the money to extensively drill their front line soldiers. Instead, specialist training is offered to elite commandos or special forces. These soldiers are taught the proper ways to clear rooms and aim around corners, as well as a variety of other techniques for tactically moving in combat. A soldier with this maneuver may move at half speed while using any ranged combat maneuver.

Tight Groupings

+1 Damage when firing short bursts.

Quick Draw

Many a soldier lives by the credo that he who shoots first shoots last. The skill of gunslingers and veterans of jungle warfare, quick draw represents not only the ability to pull a pistol free from its holster quickly but also the ability to bring an unreadied slung weapon to bear in a single smooth motion. Soldiers with the quick draw maneuver always have the edge in the first round of combat and if timing is relevant to an action she is presumed to go first.


Any veteran of battlefields will tell you that it is hard to fire accurately with a pistol or submachine gun in both hands. Style, however, trumps usability for those that adopt this style and with enough practice many of the disadvantages of fighting this way can be mitigated. A gunslinger with this maneuver may use the rules Two-Gun Fighting, but receives a -1 penalty when using Small weapons, or a -2 when using medium weapons. A gunslinger who also has the "Strong Arms" style may use Large or Extra Large Weapons at a -3 penalty.

Quick Shooting

Treat single shot weapons as semi-automatic.

Speed Loader

Take one reload action as a free action a round.


A very small number of people in the Known Worlds have found it useful to hold a heavy firearm in both hands and unload upon their enemies. An individual with the maneuver may use the Two-Gun fighting rules with Large or Extra-Large Weapons at a -5 to all rolls.

Scraver Style

For unknown cultural reasons Scravers like to hold their pistols or one-handed submachine guns sideways. Normally a character receives a -1 penalty when firing in this fashion. A Scraver with this maneuver does not receive this penalty.