Hand of the lander king

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Dramatis Personae

The Drive

Jerusalem arrives - Parkour and flirts with Naima. Katerine, Max and Naima make their entrances. The driver frank takes off in the truck.

Banter with the heroes as they escort the Amalthean charity to the town.

The Ambush

The crash, wheels come off. Jerusalem grabs Naima, pulling her into his lap and holding her safe as the truck almost flips. Max holds on and Katerine takes a flesh wound against a barrel. Sorry Katerine.

Jerusalem goes up top, sees the gang approaching. Does not fire, sees somethings wrong. They are being forced. They say that the lander kings men are forcing them to act like this. Please just give them the goods so their families will be safe. Before more can be said - a sniper kills them all. Jerusalem triangulates the snipers position from the four shots and fires with an overcharged blaster on the snipers position. He misses, but drops a tree on the sniper, forcing him to move. This scares the fuck out of the sniper. A man with a hand blaster just returned fairly effective fire on a sniper.

A few moments later, Max spots the sniper has retaken his position and is about to fire on Jerusalem. He tackles Jerusalem to the ground. Behind the fender of the truck, the shot still hits him but bounces off his shield. Jerusalem holds up the round, still smoking, and shows it to the sniper, while mouthing 'I am going to kill you'.

Katerine moves into the hills and engages in counter-sniper while Jerusalem and Naima head to the town to investigate.

Max stays with the truck.

The Arch

Dead bodies hanging from the arch, disemboweled. One man alive is cut down and gives information to Naima and Katerine and Jerusalem. He has radiation burns on his back in the shape of two hand prints. He speaks about the melted one - the burned one - and how he leads the men who took the town and put the people to work in the belly of the manor, digging for something.

The players sneak through the town, Jerusalem teaching Naima how to sneak and covering her - Katerine on point.

The Stand

Coming to the manor house, they start to engage in a stealth infiltration. Jerusalem takes the front door, intending to draw the enemy out - but they send out dogs and gunmen. They taunt Jerusalem to enter - which tells Jerusalem they have a plan inside, a plan Jerusalem wants to avoid.

Jerusalem handles the dogs while Katerine snipes. People retreat back inside the house.

Jerusalem and Katerine try a bluff that fails.

Maximilian rejoins as Katerine makes a stealth subtle insertion. Max wants to charge in, but Jerusalem holds him back. Katerine locates a sub-boss and fires on him. OH NO! THE MAN HAS A SHIELD.

The Storm

Jerusalem and Max storm the building, as stealth is lost. Max moves to help Katerine while Jerusalem moves to flank and free hostages. Max has no shield and goes to hack at the sub boss. It's kind of unclear who's going to win, because the sub boss has two mooks with him firing to assist him.

Jerusalem owns two guards like he's fucking Rambo. Gruesome scene of stapled belly man, dead, being held up by the other hostages who are afraid to let him fall. They are all manacled together.

Given the man has a belly full of unpinned grenades, jostling him would be VERY BAD. Jersualem's solution to this is to pin the bomb-body to the wall with his sword, to hold him up, then burns of his wrists with his blaster.

The hostages are freed and run off, then Jerusalem rejoins the main battle. The Questing Knight from Lamorak runs through a hail of gunfire without fear (or wound) to jump on the back of the subboss with the heated flail, slitting his neck with a dirk.

Jerusalem looks over his shoulder to the two gunmen - who drop weapons and flee.