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Idonea Hadow
Sister Sergeant

Urth Orthodox.pngIcons-guild-muster.png

Introductory Statements

"Woe! Woe to the worlds of Man forever unto the final cinder of light from the last star, for slavery shall be their fate hence forth. Enslaved to false passions and ignorance, but for those who carry a lamp in their hearts, and bear it unto the kings of men, no matter the lashes they receive from the blind. They alone shall be free." --Lamentations 2:17

Basic Information

Born and raised in an inconsequential part of Bannockburn, Idonea has no living blood family. Her upbringing though was filled with the word of the Pancreator and as she came of age she joined a small Orthodox sect that dedicated itself to going where other preachers would not. The middle of battle lines. A reflection of the faith based on such a highly militarised world perhaps. After a short period of training she was deemed ready and attached to a mercenary unit with in the Muster. It is safe to say that from there, she never looked back.

Over the course of her thirteen years with the Muster it would seem that this flower of the Pancreator has gone a little native. She's proven herself in a fire-fight time and again, and certain seems far more at home preaching out of a tent or a fox-hole than she does in the lofty cathedrals or stuffy parish churches. She smokes, drinks, swears and even dresses like a mercenary with only a few concessions to her religious status, although there's none that say she is anything but entirely devoted to bringing the word of the Pancreator to the front lines. Well, that and crushing his foes on the battlefield.


The lass in front of you stands slightly taller than average at around 5'8.Her features might once have been pretty but it's clear that she's spent time in one harsh environment after another over the years and now the best word to describe them is simply weatherbeaten. That doesn't account for the number of small scars and scrapes though, although mercifully perhaps, none of them mar her features from a distance. Green eyes take in the surrounds beneath a close-cut crop of black hair, it's not quite a buzz-cut, but there's certainly not much length to it.

She's wearing black combat boots, sand colours combat trousers and a pale khaki t-shirt, none of which have anything to particularly mark them out. A tattoo that cleverly links the symbol of the Muster with that of the Pancreator is readily apparent on left fore-arm and down her right, from elbow to wrist is a list of battle honours, almost like a regiment would have on their flag. The lowest of these looks new and reads 'Crusader-State, Yathrib'. Dog-tags, a thigh-holstered pistol, a utility belt and what appears to be some form of stole complete the outfit.


  • Dominic - The parish priest of St Paulus-beyond-the-Walls.
  • Odette and Naima - Amaltheans
  • Tyrone and Connor - Eskies, both Stigmata vets. Respect there Brothers.
  • Ezra - Another Eskie, and a theurge too, at just the right time.
  • Jerusalem - Questing Knight.
  • Amber - Countess of Johburg.
  • Katerine - Countess of Josselin.
  • Zakaria and Sofia - The Sea Captains, al-Malik and Hazat respectively I believe.

RP Hooks

  • Known attendee of St Paulus-outside-the-Walls
  • Outspoken opponent of slaving, in particular in the exodite camps
  • Available for hire for quests, missions, skirmishes and similar
  • Investigating odd occurrences both in Akko and elsewhere

Muster Chaplain

Sister of the Orthodox
Date of Birth: 5th November 4968
Homeworld: Bannockburn
Home County: Free Port of Caister

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 10 st
Physical Effects: Battered
Status: Single