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Interesting Places of Yathrib

The Shining Gulf

The County of Johburg

Strandhaus Shallows


Situated on the coast of the County of Johburg, about 100 nautical miles south by southwest of Teldam, Strandhaus Shallows (sometimes called Strandhaus, or Strandhaus Station) has been a navigational nightmare since ships first put to the seas of Yathrib. An area covering an expanse of ocean roughly 30 miles circle, no one has a good idea how or why this upthrust of jagged rock came to be. What is known as that the area is riddled with jagged, sharp rock spires that jut up through the water like angry teeth, or worse yet, lie just below the surface. Compounding this is the near omni-present night fog that hangs over the sea and stars, preventing ships from seeing it until it's too late. Navigating this area is a laborious process and requires expert seamanship and intimate knowledge of the tide, wind and the topography of the area.

At the center of Strandhaus Shallows, is Strandhaus Station, a 200 foot tall maxicrete lighthouse constructed during the Second Republic. Fully automated and sealed from outside intrusion, this light house, a thousand years later, only functions intermittently. Some times, it functions for a week or a month at a time, before going dormant for several weeks or - from 4790 to 4801, a period of 11 years. More recently, its activity has been more dormant, with momentary bursts of power lasting seconds to minutes. The station is set up on a tall spire of rock, with carved steps leading up to it. A flitter pad is built into the station, half way up its height, but it is usually covered in rubble and landing there could be dangerous. The station's island has no natural landing, so long boats or swimming is the only way to approach by sea.

Despite the presence of the lighthouse, the Shallows are littered with the hulks of ships lost on the rocks. Some say the wrecks of other ships, lost elsewhere on Yathrib will find their way here as well, but that's just an old wives tail. The flitter pad is considered a daring place to duel by many, set in fashion by Sir Zakaria al-Malik during the rescue of Viscountess Nathalie din alt Van Gelder from the clutches of Khalid Ashram Khalid al-Gesar in 5001.

The Ubari Desert

The Great Desert

The Antipods

The Boreal