Jericho Briefing

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To the aforeaddressed Peers of Yathrib and Offworld;

To the aforeaddressed Officers of the Crusader State;

To the aforeaddressed knights of the Most Noble Order of the Phoenix;

To the aforeaddressed members of the Church Militant and of the Brother Battle;

To the aforeadressed affiliates of the Guilds of the Known Worlds;

I, Dame Linnea of House Torenson, on behalf of Caelwyn Ichiro Xiu-Feng Li Halan, Earl of the Twisted Spire, Lord of Sigil Rock, Baron-Warden of Sa'frya, Honourable Lord General of the Glorious Forces of the Kishian Quin-Long Li Halan, do hereby send greetings and felicitations.

You are invited to attend a briefing in the War Room of the Old Terminal upon the substantive elements of Operation Jericho, a coalition military ground and space campaign of great significance to the Crusader State now under way, whose ultimate goal is the relief of Revelation through the capture of the Kastrum orbital station.

Imperial, Li Halan and Church forces are operating in concert, and we hope that this briefing will help those battling on other fronts to adapt their plans as necessary or to allow them to consider lending aid as may be required.

The successful prosecution of this campaign will require individuals of skill and daring in addition to the clash of arms upon the battlefield, and thus we hope that as many of the Phoenix Order as can attend will do so, to learn how they might, if they so choose, aid the cause of Empire and Church. Should you be unable to attend, we hope you will be able to send a representative, or failing this, a transcript of the briefing can be made available to you under strict security and a more personal meeting arranged at a later time.

Sincerity in all things,

Dame Linnea Renhet Zelja Torenson

Seneschal of the Dragon Legion