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Jerusalem Steel

Wartime Journalist

Knight of the Empire
Date of Birth: 4967
Homeworld: Lamorak
Home County:  ?

Height: 5'11
Weight: 180
Physical Effects: Handsome * 3, Heroic


Jerusalem is a man and he is really really handsome (III) and manly man. With heroic good looks ripped right out of the latest romantic holovid, Sir Jerusalem Steele of Lamorak is to put it lightly, a heart-throb. Men want to be him, women want to be with him and the camera loves him. Short, spiky black hair perfectly accentuates his angular his features, which hold expressive dark eyes. Eyes that stare longingly - or burn with fiery passion.

His long-coat flows dashingly, a black officers coat with captains insignia on the shoulders. When he moves, it is with the grace of a cat, the strength of a bull and the determination of something... really really determined. Confidence exudes from him. Knee boots are polished deep black and tooled with dark purple markings, swirling along the sides, matching the black pants that tuck into those boots. From his hips hangs a gunbelt and sword.


A holovid actor from the lost worlds who does all his own stunts, Jerusalem is a grabbag of skills and abilities that always seem to come in handy. With no loyalties to any one house, he's unpredictable which makes him an exceedingly good agent for the Empire.


Jerusalem's current project is a holovid series documenting the Crusade, called 'Sands Of Faith'.



Episode 1: Introdiction

Episode 1 - Introdiction


JERUSALEM sits in the cockpit, looking out over Yathrib as it emerges from behind Shepard's moon. To the distance, a Kurgan cruiser engages with several smaller Crusader craft, the light from meson beams and lasers brilliant in the darkness.

                             JERUSALEM (Voice-over)              
                  Yathrib. A world soaked in mysticism, 
                  religion, prophecy and blood. The 
                  Kurgans have come, forcing the Empire 
                  of the Phoenix back to the shining gulf. 
                  Only recently have reinforcements from 
                  the Empire arrived, stabilizing the 
                  realm and ready to push forward. Crusade.                     

The Kurgan ship lists in space, its side gashed open by a strafing run by an Imperial star fighter. The fighter rotates, twin golden plumes of thrust-exhaust trailing behind it as it zooms past the NightBloom. The pilot is captured in the frame for only a moment, seen tossing a jaunty salute to the camera as he passes, Imperial Phoenix Marker's on his wings glinting in the reflected light of the sun.

                             JERUSALEM (Voice-over)   
                  I am Jerusalem Steele, Knight of
                  Lamorak - and I am a crusader. 
                  Follow my journey of discovery as I 
                  plumb the depths of what it means
                  to be a Crusader. A knight. A warrior
                  for the Pancreator. Explore local 
                  cultures with me, visit exotic locales 
                  and through this holovid series, come
                  to better know what Crusade is. 


                             JERUSALEM (Voice-over)   
                  Subscribe now - 5 firebirds a month  
                  gets exclusive content. Contact your 
                  local Masque Guild Office today to buy
                  Your licence. 

ABRUPT SHIFT: Radar screen and instruments

                         COMPUTER WARNING (ALERT) 

JERUSALEM spins the camera to look back at him.

                  That is all for now, space-fans!
                  It is time to go full burn, make for
                  Atmo and scream into Akko, the seat
                  of Crusade. What wonders await me?
                  Who will greet me? Who's stories will
                  I tell? Find out next week on... 
                         THE SANDS OF FAITH!