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Julien Bryce Hawkwood
the Baron-Consort of Crow's Landing


Introductory Statements

Make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.

Basic Information

The lord regent and future baron consort of Crow's Landing; Sir Julien Hawkwood is a crusader with a rocky and perhaps almost scandalous but peculiar ascent; alienating many of the locals with his immoderate view on defeating the Kurgans, his ruthless pragmatism in combat and his support of radical crusader tenets but winning some off-worlder support for his efforts nevertheless.


At a glance, Julien seems an attractive enough man: those hazel eyes of his seem to glint with amusement and obvious interest in the world; as though he has been a tourist to his own life for a very long time indeed, the hue accentuated by the definite dark brown (or perhaps black) of his thick hair, cut short in whatever masculine style is fashionable presently. His features are smooth, handsome, even, with a defined jaw and strong cheekbones to complement the ensemble of a long, straight nose and a rather bright, mischievous and sometimes engaging smile.


Allies (or Close Enough For Now)

  • Arkady Decados - Baron-Consort of Margat, one of Julien's political allies. They work closely and see eye to eye in many common interests.
  • Eleyne Hawkwood - This Lady-Captain of the Imperial Army is rumored to be particularly close to Sir Julien; to the point where he led a risky rescue mission to retrieve her from what could be slavery.
  • Fiamma Decados - A new acquaintance, but someone Julien intends to work very closely with in the future. After all, he's about to join the Mantis House-- and the lady can be of help.
  • Samina al-Malik - Their conversations are pleasant and she had an intriguing proposal to present.
  • Fredo Hawkwood - He has a cordial relationship to the Count of the Bees.
  • Evard Hawkwood - Somebody whose demeanor threw Julien off-guard at first, then definitely surprised him. They might do business.
  • Olivia Decados - The Court Baroness and the Lord Regent of Crow's Landing enjoy a good business relationship. She is dangerous, however, and he is acutely aware of it.

Political Ties

  • Amber van Gelder - They do not see eye to eye on many things, but she is his liege and he did pledge to fulfill his vassal obligations to her. Which he did, with excellence.
  • Hassan al-Malik - Arkady's best friend and his acquaintance, as well as Baron of Margat. He has a lot of nice trinkets. However, as both are natural allies of Margat, their relationship can be considered politically sound.
  • Valentijn van Gelder - The Baron of Teldam; they fought together in the defense of Valentijn's fief.


  • Renaud de Moley - They criticize eachother and truly, they seem nearly as readily able to come to blows against eachother. Only civility restrains them from greater acts of violence. That, and the fact they are almost neighbors.


The Powerbroker

Baron of the Royal House of Hawkwood
Date of Birth: October 12 4973
Homeworld: Byzantium Secundus
Home County: Viridian

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135
Physical Effects:  ?
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