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The Domain of Leon

County of the De Moley
Stronghold: Leon
Ruler: Renaud Germain De Moley
Overlord: Geoffrey De Moley (Akko)
Vassals: Port Leon, Gant, Arvin, Jossline, Farouk, Altamont, Comstock

The Domain of Leon

The Knights of the Pious Lion

The City of of Leon

The town of Leon is founded on the site where a lion is said to have knelt to the Prophet, and the Basilica of the Submission is one of the most beautiful cathedrals on the east bank of the Shining Gulf. Leon's manors range all up and down the Shining Gulf, up to the very border of the Lesser Fork in some cases.

Noted Baronetcies of Leon

  • Issen - Everyone here died. It was evil.
  • Wolsey - currently empty, a tournament will be held for it.
  • Jaffrey Hall - Baronet Pierce De Moley

Feudal Vassals of Leon

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Renaud Germain De Moley
De Moley

Barony of Arvin

Northwest of Leon, Arvin is renowned for its orchards, particularly its apple cider. Terraced vineyards also produce a quite drinkable white wine. During the Betrayal, Arvin was the site of a major Kurgan encampment used in the latter stages of the war to prosecute the final assault on Akko. As a consequence, Arvin experienced far less direct spoilage than the rest of Leon, as Jalalkan kept the vineyards running and the manor intact. The Baron of Arvin has since capitalized on this, absorbing a number of nearby manors.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Seraphine De Moley
De Moley

Barony of Josselin

One of Leon's oldest vassals, Josselin is just inland of the coast south of Joyeaux. It used to be a close town with Joyeaux itself, but since Joyeaux left Leon behind relations between the two places have been strained. Josselin was hard-hit in the betrayal; reliant on fishing, many of its boats were destroyed and so many of the fishing families have lost their livelihood. Worse still is an ongoing dispute with Joyeaux over Josselin's traditional right to fish in the fens immediately near the citadel.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Katerine De Moley
De Moley - Coastal Fief

Deylik of Farouk

The only taifa barony in the Known Worlds' territory, the Sheikhdom of Farouk is north of Joyeaux along the banks of the Joyeaux, though the river is too broad to allow for easy crossing there. Farouk al-Farouk conquered the barony in 4983, and when the tides of war retreated founded himself surrounded by crusaders. He cut a deal with the elderly Count Renaud de Moley (grandfather of the current count) and swore fealty to Leon. During the Betrayal, Baron Farouk remained silent, letting Jalalkan's forces pass him by, neither aiding nor hindering their forces officially. After Joscelin's Crusade the canny Kurgan lord immediately renewed his vows, but he is now closer to both Auberry and Joyeaux than Leon, and those two counties eye the riverine barony.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Farouk al-Farouk
Taifa Barony

Barony of the Altamont

The quintessential mountain barony, the manors of the Altamont grow few crops. Instead, the chiefs of the mountain men pay the Lord of the Altamont homage, filling his armies with fierce hobilars on mountain ponies and paying a tax in goats and sheep to the barony each year. In years past, the Baron of Altamont acquired some lowland manors, but they were lost to Arvin and now the Altamonters pride themselves on having a sort of highland independence. The ramshead of the Altamont was particularly feared by the Kurgans during the Betrayal, as the Lord led constant raids out of the mountains against Jalalkan's supply lines, but he was ultimately caught and quartered along with his heirs shortly before the arrival of Joscelin's Crusade. A distant Known Worlder relative has now taken over the barony and is grappling with earning the trust of the mountain chiefs his cousins cemented over many generations.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Leilani Hawkwood
Hawkwood - Mountain Fief - Others represent the Mountain Tribes

Sovereign Baronetcy of Gant

A small but proud town, Gant is in fact south of Akko on the border between Johburg and Childeric of the Vines. The lord of Gant was once a mesne tenant of the Counts of Johburg, but a distant Lady of Gant married the Count of Leon and the baronetcy was her dowry. When the marriage ended in a stormy separation and a bastard child was elevated to the county over Lady Gant's daughter, civil war was averted by the grant of sovereign land to Gant.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Ysbrandt van Gelder

Barony of Comstock

A mountain barony, Comstock was conquered by Evard Charles Hawkwood - 'Evard Gray-Face' with a company of Muster during Joscelin's crusade. Since then, he has been been busy digging - he has huge numbers of slave miners who labor constantly producing iron. Until Evard arrived, Comstock was a relatively quiet barony - its iron mines were unknown - but apparently Baron Evard located mineral surveys from the Second Republic prior to joining Joscelin's Crusade. As a consequence of these resources, the baron is exceedingly wealthy, and his close relationship with the Muster - both their slavers and their mercenaries - occasionally make his neighbors worried. Supposedly, Comstock is not the only one of the Fifty Fiefs he purchased paper title to, though he has been silent as to what else he holds ancient deeds for.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Evard Charles Comstock (NPC)
Hawkwood - Mountain Fief - Others represent miners.

Barony of Port-Leon

Port-Leon is a proud coastal city to the west of Leon, for which it serves as a port, and it has had a somewhat historically tense relationship with the City of Leon proper, which is around twice its size. Still, Port-Leon is one of the larger coastal towns on the east bank of the Shining Gulf - it is larger than Johburg and Teldam, and it has a better harbor than Joyeaux. Only Rotdam, its historical rival, is larger. While Port-Leon is not a free city like Rotdam, it has long enjoyed a prosperous merchant class with town rights and self-rule, rights that were abruptly terminated in 4960 after the town council was accused of illegal war profiteering. For the last forty years, the burghers of the town have been directly ruled by the baron, who has converted the old Port Hall into barracks. This has been a source of profit for the barony, which has used the town profits to raise a substantial navy, but the burghers complain that the lack of control over their own affairs hurts them in competition with Joyeaux and Rotdam. Now, the Merchant League has been meeting with the burghers and there is talk that one day there may be a petition directly to the Curia to exempt the town from the barony and give it Free Port status. Outside the town, Port-Leon is well known for being the originator of the ship-soke system, where instead of armsmen fields near the coast owe part of the support of a ship. This system has been adopted in most coastal baronies, but the Portsmen are proud that it is their governmental innovation.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Desideria Maria....Rolas
Hazat - Coastal Fief