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Lyov Feodrovich Kurakin Decados is the reigning Vice-Count Auberry, serving as Count-Regent for his incapacitated father Feodor Mikhailovich Kurakin Decados. Born on Severus on February 8, 4967 to then Viscount Feodor Kurakin Decados and Dame Henriette Van Gelder, Lyov is the eldest surviving son of the ill-fated marriage and his father's heir to vast lands across the Known Worlds.

A man of sharp contrasts, he is known to be some sort of terrorist and war criminal during the Emperor Wars, but also some sort of war hero and avid gardener to others. He is well-connected within the Decados, having received Prince Hyram's favor and distant blood relative and also the second cousin, once removed, of Duchess Salandra, but he prides himself as a self-made second son soldier turned unlikely heir.

Rarely displaying more than bluntly muted, repressed emotions (other than the occasional incendiary outburst simmering beneath), it is said that the Vice-Count takes great pleasure in presenting answers in riddles, keeping promises to an unrelenting fault, offering Faustian bargains, and generally being inscrutable. Or perhaps people are reading too far in between the lines?