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** [[Psychic Powers]]
** [[Psychic Powers]]
** [[Theurgic Rituals]]
** [[Theurgic Rituals]]
** [[Manja, Gjarti, Antinomy, and other Dark Practices]]
** [[Heretical Rites]]
== Policies ==
== Policies ==

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This is the wiki for Star Crusade, a Fading Suns MU set on the rediscovered world of Yathrib - the planet where the Prophet received his vision of the Holy Flame. Now beset by heathens, it is a center of conflict and intrigue at the dawn of the sixth millennium.



Star Crusade uses a heavily modified version of the Fading Suns, 2nd Edition system. Inspiration for its changes come from house rules in our various tabletop and online games as well as early playtests of Fading Suns, 3rd Edition.



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