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Marco Anatoly Kurakin Decados
Vice-Count of Auberry and Maleband




This compact man is spit and vinegar - muscle, with dark hair and dark eyes. He is not tall, perhaps a hair above seventeen hands, but he is muscled. His hair is short, cropped close to the scalp, and he tends to go a few days unshaved at a time to leave a five o'clock shadow. In character, though, he is given to smiles and laughter, often too loud and at inappropriate times -- or to rage, when his face gets red and he begins to stomp.


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Den of Vipers - Gallery

Volatile Libertine

Vice-count of the Decados
Date of Birth: Month Day, Year
Homeworld: Severus
Home County: Auberry and Maleband

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 225 lbs
Physical Effects: Tattoos
Status: {{{Status}}}

RP Hooks