Martial Arts Maneuvers

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Martial Arts School




Iron Heel

Jox Boxing


Moving targets are harder to hit, and many martial arts school teach their students tactics to dance in and out of reach of their opponents, striking hard and fast. A martial artist trained in mobility receives a +1 goal when fighting balanced or aggressively.

Heavy Strikes

While fighting aggressively, martial artists using this style strike with powerful flying kicks and strong punches. They receive a +1 to Damage.


A boxing technique that relies on quick, light strikes to wear down the opponent. A boxer may roll 2 attacks and keep the higher of the two, but the martial artist does 2 points fewer damage.

Vital Strike

The martial artist attacks at -2 goal, but does 2 additional points of damage.


The martial artist requires 1 fewer VP to trip an opponent. The strike is designed to forcefully strike an opponent's legs and as a result causes an additional 1 point of damage.


The martial artist is trained to stand firm in the face of incoming attacks and redirect their energy away from herself. A martial artist using this style receives a +1 goal when fighting balanced or defensively.


A warrior using this style may use a throw maneuver if she has declared a defensive stance and her opponent is in an aggressive stance. This may be declared after the dice are rolled.


A martial artist trained in this technique is harder to throw, trip, or otherwise move. It requires 1 additional VP to trip or throw the martial artist.

Roll with the Punches

While in defensive or balanced stance the martial artist takes 1 fewer point of damage from unarmed or melee attacks.

Improved Throw

The martial artist requires 1 fewer VP to throw an opponent. Additionally, if the martial artist successfully throws her opponent she may (if the situation permits) use the hurled enemy as a weapon, targeting a different opponent. The martial artist may make a free Dex+Fight roll opposed by her second target's Dex+Vigor. If the martial artist wins both the thrown enemy and the target take damage as though they were both thrown.


The martial artists is trained to get in close and bind her opponent's limbs with her own. When initiating or maintaining a grapple the wrestler gains a +2 to their goal. A wrestler with this maneuver does an additional point of damage while grappling.

Ground and Pound

While grappling the wrestler does an additional point of damage.


While grappling the wrestler requires 1 fewer VP to pin an opponent. Additionally the wrestler may make a disarm attempt rather than doing damage and requires 1 fewer VPs to disarm

Defensive Roll

A wrestler with this maneuver knows how to use their opponent's body as a shield against other attacks. Rather than granting a +2 bonus to enemies while outnumbered, a wrestler with this maneuver grants only a +1 bonus per outnumbering enemy.