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Martin Augustine Pendrill de Moley
Marquis of Sidon, Baron of Newbridge (contested), Knight, The Deceiver, The Traitor


Introductory Statements

Therefore, having given due consideration to the evidence, and with the Pancreator alone before my eyes, I, by this definitive sentence, do declare that Martin de Moley has committed the canonical crimes of hersey, schism, oathbreaking, and pertinacious rejection of church doctrine. By virtue of his crimes, he has incurred, latae sententiae, excommunication from the body of the faith. Therefore, Martin de Moley, and all others who lent aid, counsel or consent to this nefarious crime, by the authority of almighty Pancreator, I hereby excommunicate, anathematize, and solemnly command and declare to be separated from the communion of the Church and to be held for schismatics, and to be avoided by all the faithful.

Basic Information

A competent, yet not outstanding field officer, Baron Martin was born the second son of Robert Endeavour de Moley and his wife Joan (nee Justinian). Squired out to the Count's household at an early age he was trained to act as support for his father and older brother. Upon his knighthood he returned to his familiar lands and after a short spell commanding both a river patrol and an infantry unit he was found to have an exception gift for the administration of warfare. Quickly moved to a staff position in his father's forces his logistical skills brought a marked improvement to the efficiency of the whole barony and it was not long before his skills were being tapped at a county level.

Come the Great Betrayal he found himself in the middle of the fighting for the bridge that gives his barony its name. His father fell in that battle and he himself was grievously wounded, to the extent that he had to be med-evaced back to Akko for surgery, By the time he managed to get back on his feet there were Decados troops all over the ground and the tide had been well and truly turned. Upon being informed that his brother had been killed in an ambush set by the Mortimers he quickly took personal charge of the de Moley troops and threw them back into the middle of what fighting was left to ensure the continuance of their claim on the barony.

It's an open secret that he wanted a Yathrib-born Count for Auberry, but being of a practical bent he approached the newly arrived Decados with an open mind and has developed a solid working relationship with the off-worlders. He's been known to sponsor, and even sometimes partake in, missions into the desert to recover information or tech from ruins and crash sites. Endeavouring to keep himself involved in the running of his lands he splits his time between Newbridge and Akko about equally. Those that know him would describe a reserved, practical man who places taking time to get a job done properly over desires to produce spectacular results quickly.

More recently it turns out that his time with the Mortimers in his childhood had unexpected consequences. In the guise of moving troops to aid in the anti-Kurgan fighting he took control of Sidon in the name of 'The True Count of Auberry', Rutger Mortimer. Predictably this went down a storm with the Kurgans but less well with the Crusader State, especially as he blew both the bridges along the Lesser Fork in the process, meaning any troops moving against him would have to trek all the way to Prior's Ford to cross the river.


It used to be hard to find anything distinguishing to say about this man's features or build. He's of average height, average weight and, to complete the set, average build. His hair is dark, probably black that has been lightened slightly by the sun, although in some lights it definitely appears more of a dark brown. His eyes are a dull blue, but look out upon the world with rapt attention. Or they did, now only one does, the other having been damaged beyond repair by a sword blow that scars the lefthandside of his face from brow to lip.

His clothing speaks of money, but not lavishly so. It's lightweight and in a practical, military-esk style. The de Moley family crest is located in pride of place on his left shoulder and there's enough medal ribbons and piping to indicate that the wearer is someone of rank and status. There's no name or rank insignia though, so presumably it's assumed that those that need to know who he is, do.


  • Renaud (Deceased) - All good men of the De Moley are hereby required to do him harm if they see him, to damage him and his holdings upon opportunity and to cast him out of their hearts. The armies of Leon stand ready to assist Auberry in repulsing this new Betrayal. As for myself... I am going to kill the traitorous little viper.
  • Olivia - I now call upon the warriors of Oultrejoyuex, Johburg, Leon, Olivet, The Bees, The Vines, those faithful of the Church and the full support of House Decados to stand with me and Auberry. Put aside any prejudice and personal vendettas. I assure you that once Sidon is reclaimed, you can all go back to pointing weapons at each other. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Agravain - In furtherance of my duties as Inquisitor of the Church Universal, and mindful of the excommunication of Martin, formerly of House de Moley, formerly Baron of Newbridge, I do hereby declare as follows: A writ excommunicato capiendo is issued against the heretic and schismatic Martin, and by the paramount authority of the Church Universal and the Pancreator, the said Martin is to be captured and kept or detained at the pleasure of Holy Mother Church so that he may answer for his crimes. And for such capture and detention, let this be your warrant.
  • Julien - We shall march north, my friends! We shall rip the head of Martin the Traitor off the rest of his body, restore the lands of Sidon to the Known Worlds and then march on to vanquish the enemy in their own mis-begotten homes as soon as those lands are safely within the auspices of the Pancreator's one true faith once again.
  • Antonio (deceased) - The consequences of Lord Martin's betrayal is obvious. Soon all the faithful of the realm will fall upon him, and he will have but two choices: to flee into the bossom of his foul sponsors like Lord Mortimer before him, or to die within his stolen walls. This end is obvious, and by the Pancreator's name, we will see it done. To this end, I call on every able Crusader in Akko to raise arms and march north along the pilgrim road. We will show traitors to the faith what righteous retribution awaits them.

Mortimer Loyalist

Marquis of the Mortimer
Date of Birth: 29th January, 4964
Homeworld: Yathrib
Home County: Auberry

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 13st
Physical Effects: Plain, Horrible Scar
Status: Single