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Miles Fortius
Brother Battle


Introductory Statements

"Fighting for the Prophet is the Prophet attained." - The Rule of Battle

Basic Information

Miles is a young Brother Battle who has been raised in the standard traditions of the elite soldiers of the faith. To his knowledge he was born on De Moley and given over to the Brotherhood as an infant. His first tour of service has been on Yathrib and the majority of his work has been as a peace keeper in Akko. As necessary he has also served as a commando serving in various capacities in the greater Crusade and is somewhat known amongst commanders as being a very capable young man. Proximity to Akko has made Miles a good resource for the nobility and faithful, always quick to respond to requests for help in raids and investigations.


Sixteen years old, everything about this boy speaks volumes about his youth. Black hair pulled back tightly from his forehead, Miles Fortius has an appearance that seems to want to be severe but is tempered by a personality which is irrepressibly indicative of his naivete. His bright grey eyes are sheltered by thick brows which border on the absurd in their density. Heavily tanned and wind burned, he clearly spends much of his life outside. Across his forehead he frequently wears a pair of plain tinted goggles, and his robes are always well cared for. Marked at the hip by the sword and jumpgate cross, he bears the markings of the Brother Battle proudly. His immaculately maintained outfit and armor hang to just above his boots which are the only parts of his garment which show the wear and tear of a lifestyle built around heavy activity and training.


  • Arkady - They've only met a few times, but Miles has had good impressions from the man.
  • Caelwyn - Responsible for several of Miles' successful missions, though the man has never been on the missions themselves he thinks the guy has a good eye for tactics.
  • Cephus - A great warrior with the right kind of mentality, Miles thinks very highly of Cephus.
  • Isabeau - One of Miles' best friends, even if he doesn't see her often, he thinks the world of her and like all young people, he would protect her with his life. He has no idea what to think of her visions, but he trusts that the Pancreator gives them to her, and seems to be blind to the possibility that her visions might be of a psychic nature.
  • Jerusalem Steele - Over the top, Miles is impressed with the man's zeal for justice. He is a good person to the bone and Miles would trust the Questing Knight with his life.
  • Lady Lysandra - A skilled investigator, Miles considers her a solid acquaintance and hopes they can work together again in the future.
  • Sub-Prior Moroko - One of Mile's senior commanders. He thinks the man is a bit too willing to go to war.
  • Sister Naima - One of Miles' best friends, she is like his older sister.
  • Sister Odette - An Amalthean sister, a good woman.
  • Sofia - A nice woman who taught Miles to fish. She's pretty cool in his book.
  • Entered Verity - The Sherlock to his Watson, Miles is enamored with her and does everything he can to keep her safe. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that she isn't very good at taking care of herself.
  • Captain Zakaria - A very cool captain who has taken Miles on several adventures, he likes the guy.


Young Brother Battle

Apprentice of the Brother Battle
Date of Birth: September 1, 4984
Homeworld: De Moley
Home County: Brother Battle Monastery

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Physical Effects: Ambidextrous
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Zamfir - Einsamer Hirte

Too Fresh - Two Fresh