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Momoko Adelaida Enishi Rolas Li-Halan
Baroness of Haqq

Demographic Information

Date of Birth 12 Lourdes 4971
Homeworld Hira
Gender Female

Position Information

Current Position Baroness of Haqq
Reputation War Hero of Haqq and Hira
Crusade Participation Flavius' Crusade, Joscelin's Crusade

Familial Information

Faction Hazat
Spouse Feyd
Heir None Yet


Momoko Hazat, named like a Li Halan, but that's because she was born of the union between a woman from Li Halan lands and a knight from Hazat lands. Once born, it was much to the dismay of her father, who expect her to be a son and make his family great. Her mother however expected her to be a debutante. The truth would be more aligned with her father's wishes. She was a curious girl, but she was strong and she loved to watch the knights and army drill. Her father picked up on this very early on and started training her. He wasn't going to miss a chance to have his war hero. She would be his war hero in the future, but she had to learn to fight first. Once she came of age, her mother wanted her to go to school, her father was the king of the house so to speak however and she was enrolled into the military into a Legionary squad at the year of 4988. She spent several years fighting on Hira against the Hazat enemies. It was good experience. By 4996 she was a knight unto herself, having gained her combat experience and the likes. Joscelin's Crusade was heating up and they wanted more people to go to Yathrib. Momoko was signed up and off she went. The war in Yathrib was unlike anything in Hira, much more base and more filled with death. Though she sallied on with her company, going where they were needed. Her life was mostly easy, follow the orders, kill the things and keep whatever men and women were under her alive. A couple of years after that her The kurgans soon reached it and they were called to leave it. It was toocompany was ordered to Haqq to attempt to achieve a bulkhead against the rising Kurgan threat. That attempt would ultimately fail as it was too risky to defend and the kurgans were gobbling up land too fast. Commands were to leave the civilians: She refused. This is where she gets her name, 'The Tower.'

Refusing those orders marked a turning point for her. Despite the risk of losing her position and insulting her family, she stayed, she stayed for the civilians to have time to leave and..her squad stayed with her. They held that city for two days. It took two days for civilians to evacuate. By the end of that time her squad was a husk of its former self, but those that survived ran on the dawn of the third day, taking what few civilians remained with them. The kurgans may have taken Haqq, but there wasn't a single death of citizen or noble or otherwise. The only deaths those of the brave soldiers who gave their lives fighting. While she had denied a direct order, when she returned, she was lauded. Her father had his war hero, the civilians praised her for bravery, the leaders of this nation state praised her for selflessness. None of it was necessary. Following that she served faithfully and was given her first command of her own crusader company once Flavius arrived. Haqq wasn't initially on her mind, but eventually the people of Haqq, who she had grown accustomed to, came to her wanting their land back. Haqq was far back and would be a victory to hold unto itself. Momoko agreed to go with them to take their lands back. The land was hard fought but won. The People of Haqq wanted to rebuild and they needed a ruler to do that, they wanted Momoko. Momoko had never been one to consider baronies or ruling, but the people of Haqq wanted her rather than anyone else. Technically, she had conquered it too so it was hers to claim. Against her better judgment, she agreed to give this baroness thing a try. Now all that's left is rebuilding, returning to normal and her learning how to rule in a place she's familiar with but a job that she has no idea how to do. Luckily, Uncle Antonio is just a little bit away.


She has a new name and a new level of respect after beating a brother battle in a straight up fight without any assistance and while wearing no armor. The brother battle was humiliated and no one has heard from her since. Additionally, she has been engaged to one Sir Feyd Al-Hakim.

Also important to note, she owns a giant metal warhorse that flies and converts into a hoverbike. It is well known among those who pay attention to nobility as she shows it off, a lot. However, it is a fearsome sight for any enemy to see her astride that metal giant and charging them.

Recently, she has been the focus of a public campaign by Midare Li Halan. Having made parley with the enemy commander during the siege of Ghilat, dueling and losing, and rightfully fufilling her side of the deal she has been blamed for the loss of Ghilat and Midare's people and army. Sans Hazat is also participating in this public campaign, of which Momoko is not participating in.

Currently, she is sending troops to Prior's Ford and holing up in Haqq for some reason or another.


Fierce, Fiery and Dedicated to the Hazat ways, she is well respected in the Hazat community as a perfect example of a true Hazat. She has proven herself over and over and over, very few are left that question her dedication or skill. At least, not in front of her, because that would be bad for their health. Though some hate that she has a generally good impression of the kurgan horde and treats her taifa fairly and with respect.

Li Halan

A dual noble, born to Hazat and Li Halan, she is less known in this circle but those who do know her respect her piety most of all. Blending the fervor of the Hazat with the unending piety of the Li Halan is sometimes a tough thing to reconcile, but she somehow manages to do it.

Count Antonio Hazat
  Uncle Tony. Count of Joyeaux, Direct family. Probably don't want to mess with his niece. Especially since they've fought together for a long time as well and he knew her father.
Sans Hazat
  Baron. Soldier. Indifferent.
Sofia Hazat
  Captain of a ship and one of Momoko's closest friends. She loves her.

  Prior of the Joyeaux holdings, they fought together in Joscelin's crusade and have had a good relationship since.
  Brother Moroko, Sub-Prior and closer to Momoko than even Sofia. They are related as well by blood.

Li Halan
Baroness Midare
  Baroness of Ghilat. Indifferent.
Uncle Caelwyn
  Uncle on her mother's side. Only friend left on Yathrib?

Sir Feyd Al-Malik
  Hubby! Love of my life.

Name County Faction Information Military
HaqqOultrejoyeauxHazatHaqq InformationHaqq Military
Haqq ManorOultrejoyeauxMomokoManor of HaqqSee Above


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