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There are lots of NPCs - lots and lots of them. Here are some more famous ones, just if you are curious.

Crusader State

Geoffrey de Moley
Lord of Akko and Guardian of the Holy City, Geoffrey is now an aging warrior.
Godric de Moley
The five-year-old grandson of Geoffrey and his heir.
Walker Maxwell Justinian
Count of Olivet and the leading Justinian on planet.
Baron Evard Charles Comstock
The Hawkwood Baron of Comstock, he rose to prominence in the Emperor Wars as 'Sir Evard Gray-Face' because of his Reevelike love of numbers. He hired a Muster company and joined Joscelin's crusade with a number of land claims in hand.
Marshal Cassius Lombard Hawkwood
General of the XIV Imperial Legion and Supreme Commander of the Yathrib Expedition, Sir Cassius Lombard is a minor knight from Ravenna who served with Darius and then Alexius during the Emperor Wars. He rose to the rank of Colonel in the Hawkwood forces and then was made an Imperial general when Alexius became Regent. He was chosen for this position because Alexius felt he needed an old ally to keep an eye on affairs on Yathrib.


Nadira Nour al-Malik
Countess Palatine of Hydessos and a great beauty, she is the senior al-Malik noble in the Antipodes.
Grand Duke Maximino
Brother of Prince Flavius and Duke of Fallingfire, he is a Li Halan potentate.


Terror of the Shining Gulf, Jalalkan is the Kurgan general who lead the invasion during the Betrayal. He is perhaps the most feared Kurgan warrior on planet.
Rutger Mortimer
Traitor, villain - Rutger Mortimer was once the Count of Auberry, and he betrayed his faith and his people for Kurgan gold. Now, he is the Despot of Gilead in the Pearl Cities.
Chagatai al-Gesar
The descendant of House Gesar, Chagatai is the Khan of Asshur and his horsemen are feared in the Shining Gulf. While Jalalkan is the most terrifying enemy of the Known Words, Chagatai is the most fearsome, riding as he does without mercy.