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Naima bint Justinian
Sister of Sanctuary Aeon

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"For when you walk among strangers, if you bear arms, you will be met with arms. And when you bear instead open palms, mayhap you will still be met with arms. But if you bear an open heart - Pancreator willing - you may be met in kind, and thus may light catch light and reflect tenfold throughout the universe. Then shall new and unseen suns being to burn..."

Basic Information

Naima was born in Akko, to Sir Cephus Justinian and his Kurgan mistress Alima, a convert and court singer. She never recognized by her father during her childhood, he openly kept his paramour and their daughter in the same house where he trained many promising young knights--including a young Hugh of Justinian. Naima never met her father's other family, though she had several legitimate older half siblings.

Cephus and Hugh remained close comrades, and when Hugh won his Barony and made Cephus his Master of Arms, Cephus took Alima and Naima with him to Remle, as his wife and children preferred a more civilized and comfortable life than a border barony. Naima already had quite a reputation as an incorrigible prankster of a half-blooded brat in Akko, so she was well suited to the rough and tumble of borderlands life. She was just (barely) settling down into the first steps towards becoming a more proper young lady when the Betrayal threw everything into chaos. Her father was thought slain in the defense of Hugh, Naima's mother was martyred and Naima herself thought likely killed, though she had managed to escape with some of the other children from the keep until an angry mob seized the half-Kurgan. A brother of the Sanctuary Aeon managed to intervene and took her back to one of the Missions to recover from her wounds. Not realizing that Hugh was not dead but captive, and thinking that all she had cared for slain, Naima chose to cloister herself and then entered Sanctuary Aeon as a candidate soon after her recovery. She was amongst the first Yathribi to leave the system after connection with the rest of the Know Worlds had been re-established, sent to Artemis to undergo her Amalthean training.

She returned to Yathrib after her training was complete, and she learned that Hugh had survived the battle, accepting a position to act as healer and medical advisor for the Castellan of the North and reuniting with the one of the few surviving people she knew from her childhood. She was overjoyed to find other survivors of Remle, many of whom had originally followed Cephus into Hugh's service, amongst his forces. Later, she was blessed again to discover that Cephus had been in captivity as well, though unknown as he would not give his name, and not dead as originally thought.

Since her return, she has become part of Remle's inner circle, acting as Hugh's proxy on several occasions, or as his envoy; she serves as a battlefield medic and medical overseer for the combined forces of Akko, as well as being an outspoken advocate against unrestrained and unjust war while still seeking to reach out to those who practice it. She also has served as a Kurgan interpreter for diplomatic and parlay missions.


This young woman stands just above five feet in height, and seems to be just entering her twenties. Her build is slender, just shy of fragile, her complexion a fair olive tone. Thick glossy dark brown hair could fall nearly to her waist if it was left free, twisting into natural curls and ringlets. Her features are refined and comely, a balance of high cheekbones, full lips, and lovely greyish-green eyes framed in dark lashes. To many, her half-Kurgan ancestry might be readily apparent. A thin scar, as if from a fine blade or razor, is apparent across her throat from side to side.



Healer in the Gap

Canon of the Sanctuary Aeon
Date of Birth: Month Day, Year
Homeworld: Yathrib
Home County: Universal Church

Height: 5'
Weight: 90ish?
Physical Effects: Pretty (I), Short
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