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Nobles: Lords of the Known Worlds

Of the many noble houses throughout the Known Worlds, five have achieved prominence as Royal Houses and effectively rule most of human space. The Emperor Wars took a toll on many of the houses, major and minor: the losers now struggle to regain lost lands or power, perhaps biding their time until they can try for the throne again, while the victors fight to ensure that their rivals stay down.

Noble Culture

Each Noble House brings their own style, fashion and flair to the table. Houses Hawkwood, Torenson, and Justinian are known for (add stuff here). House Decados on the other hand, (add opposing Decadosy stuff here). Quite on their polar end is House Li Halan, (add Li Halan stuff here). The following are a few links to help give players further insight on the Noble Culture.

Local Culture

Noble Houses of Yathrib