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There are a number of political offices on the game; this guide describes what they are, what power or resources they give you, and how you get them.

Great Officers

The two Great Officers are the political leaders of the Crusader State, acting as First and Second Minister. Sometimes, they are political allies, while other times they are political rivals appointed as part of a grand bargain.

Becoming a Great Officer
To become a great officer, you must be nominated by the Guardian and then confirmed by the Curia. To be nominated by the Guardian, you must have the support of most of the 4 PC counts, which usually means 3 PC counts but can mean 2 counts if the other two counts are divided as to who they support. After you have been nominated, you must be confirmed by the Curia in a majority vote.

Constable of the Holy City

The Constable of the Holy City is the prime minister of the Crusader State and receives a stipend of 150,000 firebirds a year, or approximately the cost to pay five companies. The Constable convenes the Curia in the Guardian's absence and is the general in charge of the armies of the Crusader State. The Constable controls a number of sinecures which can provide tens of thousands of firebirds in cash to his supporters. The Constable can also overrule the Chancellor in times of emergency.

After retirement, the Constable traditionally is given a emeritus sinecure worth 75,000 firebirds a year that diminishes slowly over time.

Chancellor of the Holy City

The Chancellor of the Holy City is the second minister of the Crusader State and receives a stipend of 100,000 firebirds a year, or approximately three companies. The Chancellor is the person responsible for the treasury and civic administration of Akko. The Chancellor is responsible for the Refugee Camps and also appoints directly or indirectly the magistrates who keep law and order. The Chancellor has the most sinecures of any office, and can hand out offices totalling nearly two hundred thousand firebirds in coin.

After retirement, the Chancellor is traditionally given an emeritus sinecure worth 50,000 firebirds a year that diminishes slowly over time.


The Castellans are political-military officials of the Crusader State who are responsible for crusader castles in various places around the Gulf. Four of them, the Quarter-Castellans, also have substantial civic responsibilities in Akko. Several of the Castellans are now appendages of counts or other senior peers.

Becoming a Castellan
To become a Castellan, you must be nominated by the Constable or Chancellor and then confirmed by the Curia. If the Constable and Chancellor nominate different people for a castellanship, the Constable's nomination will prevail. After being nominated, you must be confirmed by the Curia in a majority vote.


The four Quarter-Castellans are responsible for the parts of Akko outside the Old City. The Castellan of the South is responsible for most of the Foregate, while the Castellan of the West is responsible for most of the farmland. The Castellan of the North is responsible for the starport and badlands, while the Castellan of the East is the Lord Warden of the Port and is in charge of Akko's navy, shipping, and coastline. Each of the Quarter-Castellans has a sizeable force of soldiers -- around 7-10 companies -- and receives a stipend of 30,000 firebirds a year. The Quarter-Castellans are also responsible for overseeing the League-run charter wards and districts within their quarter, and their courts handle serious cases within the city.

Other Castellans

The castellans of the Johburg, the High Keep and the Keep of Joy are traditionally patronage given out by the Count of Johburg, the Count of Olivet, and the Count of Joyeaux. The Castellans of Castle Malefaux and the Cripple Keep, however, are nominated by the Constable or Chancellor just like the Quarter-Castellans. These castellans are responsible for defending their castle and have 2-3 companies as a garrison; they also receive a stipend of 30,000 firebirds a year towards that end, and serve as 'local representatives' of the Crusader State.

While Zatan does not yet formally have a Castellan, it is possible it will also become a castellanship.

Curial Officers

Curial Officers are people chosen not by the Crusader State but by the Curia to serve as leaders among them. While Captains-General and Captains-Major are the most common Curial officers, the Curia could create new titles and award them to their members.

Becoming a Curial Officer
To become a Curial Officer, any member of the Curia needs to rise and propose that you be appointed, and then a majority of the Curia will must approve that proposal. You can propose yourself as a Curial Officer provided you have the Curia's support.


Captains-General are the individuals the Curia has chosen to lead their armies, and they are often proposed by the Curia either as rivals to the Constable or to lead a joint force. The appointment of a Captain-General often goes hand in hand with the Curia proposing that the whole Crusader State support some expedition or front in the war; for instance, the Curia could propose to retake the Craglands with everyone sending support by nominating a Captain-General for the Sidon Expedition. Traditionally, the Chancellor gives Captains-General a 20,000 firebird a year stipend to perform their duties.


Like Captains-General, Captains-Major are individuals appointed by the Curia to command the armies of the collective peers. Usually they serve either as assistants to Captains-General or instead they are given command of smaller expeditions. Traditionally, the Curia gives Captains-Major a 10,000 firebird a year stipend.

Curial Sinecures

There are several other positions with no responsibilities that the Curia traditionally gives its members as rewards. The Castellan of Kerak is a Curial sinecure that traditionally gets 30,000 firebirds a year; formally, the Castellan has to be nominated by the Constable, but since Kerak's fall the Curia has been able to choose it from amongst its members. The Captain-General of the Pearl Cities is another Curial sinecure; its traditional stipend is 20,000 firebirds a year. Like any other Curial office, to get one of these sinecures you must merely have the support of a majority of the Curia.

Other Sinecures

There are countless other sinecures with no official responsibilities but incomes attached to them. Most are controlled by the Chancellor, but some are controlled by the Constable.

None of these sinecures have official duties outside the occasional ceremonial appearance, but they are often used to reward political supporters to the Chancellor or Constable or give financial bonuses to lords who serve as their deputies.