Psychic Powers

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Psychic Powers


Latent Powers

+1 in opposed rolls to detect lies.

Natal Powers

Emotion Sense

Roll: Intuition+Psyche.

A psychic can determine a target's emotional state. 1 VP allows the psychic to detect a target's dominant base emotion (anger, happiness, lust, anxiety). 2 Vps allows the psychic to detect subtle distinctions in the emotion (frustrated anger, giddy happiness). 3 Vps allows the psychic to determine if the emotion is directed at anything or anyone nearby.


Roll: Presence+Psyche.

The Psychic can communicate thoughts directly to the conscious mind of a target. The target “hears” the psychics thoughts but is not required to react to them in any particular way. The number of Vps determines the complexity of the information communicated. 1 VP allows the psychic to communicate emotions, 2 Vps allows the psychic to communicate words, and 3+ Vps allows the psychic to communicate ideas without risk of misunderstanding.

Brain Blast

Roll: Resolve+Psyche.

The psychic unleashes a raw psychic scream into a target. The target instinctively resists with a Resolve+Discipline roll. If the psychic wins, the target takes Wits+VPs in stun damage.

Operant Powers


Roll: Presence+Psyche. Once a commonly used power among psychics at the Phavian Institute, mindlink allows a telepath to communicate with a willing non-psychic in two-way communication. The rules are identical to mindspeech.


Roll: Intuition+Psyche.

The psychic can read surface thoughts of an individual. The target is not aware that her mind is being read unless she is informed by some means.

If the psychic concentrates, however, she can pry into a target's memories to read memories. The target begins to relive her memories as the psychic sifts through them. The target makes a contested Wits+Discipline roll against the Psychic's Mindsight- if the psychic wins then the target is likely to simply think she is daydreaming. If the target wins, however, the target realizes that she is being forced to relive her memories by some external force.

If the target is unresisting- either by choice or because she is not aware her mind is being read- the psychic's Vps determine how deep or how quickly she receives answers. Private, treasured memories may require 3 or 4 Vps, whereas the memory of a conversation from earlier in the day might require only 1 or 2.

If the target is resisting the process is a battle of wills, with the Psychic forcefully prying open a target's mind. The same VP requirements as above apply, however the target is allowed a Resolve+Discipline roll to resist, with the target's Vps subtracting from the Psychics. If the target chooses to resist she takes 1 stun damage.


Roll: Presence+Psyche.

The psychic forces a target to feel an emotion. The number of Vps determines the strength of the emotion, with 1 VP resulting in mild but noticeable mood changes, 2 Vps resulting in the target being obviously seized by the desired emotion, 3 Vps forcing the target into being overcome with the desired emotion. A target may attempt to gain control of their behavior with a contested Resolve+Discipline roll.

Prime Powers


Roll: Presence+Psyche.

The psychic digs deep into the conscious mind of the target and speaks directly to the decision making centers. The psychic issues psychic commands into the mind of the target which the target must obey, believing them to be her own thoughts and desires. The target will attempt to rationalize even the most extreme behavior unless she has some specific reason to suspect occult influence. If the target attempts to resist, roll the target's Resolve+Discipline against the Psychic's presence+psyche for each command.


Roll: Resolve+Psyche.

The psychic forces his own will down upon his target's, suppressing the latter. The psychic takes over the target's body. The psychic may only use his own mental skills while in his target's body, though she may make use of any of the target's physical attributes or skills. This power lasts for 1 scene. While this power is active the psychic's body is comatose. The target automatically resists with Resolve+Discipline, initially when the power is activated, and once again every time the power is maintained.

Psychic Surgery

Roll: Wits+Psyche.

The psychic implants false memories, removes real memories, creates false emotional connections or enhances or reduces real ones. This process is extremely lengthy, and unlike the effects of certain infamous Ur artifacts, its results are not irreversible.

The psychic must first determine what level of effect she is attempting using the chart below. For every hour roll the Psychic's skill versus the target's Resolve+Discipline. The telepath must win by the margin below in order to achieve the affect.

Alternately the target may willingly allow the telepath into her mind- This gives the telepath a +2 to her roll.

(The chart is ultimately a guideline- the storyteller will determine the applicable number).

1 VP- Erase minor memories (a brief conversation, a face in the crowd), adjust existing emotional connection in a minor way. 2 VP- Erase memories of an entire scene, adjust existing memories to contain false details (faces, snippets of conversation), adjust existing emotional connections in a serious way. Create minor emotional connection. 3 VP- Erase all memories of an individual or major emotional event. Totally rewrite existing memories. Create or destroy emotional connections. 4 VP- Create a false personality.

Far Hand

Latent Power

Called “Telekinesis” by the Phavian Institute and by the few Guild experts in the area, Far Hand is among the three most common psychic powers. How telekinetics (as they are called) create the force they use to lift and manipulate objects was an area of much debate, but there was little argument that it is among the most directly dangerous of powers. Latent telekinetics might notice objects shifting or moving when they get upset. +1 to throwing and lifting rolls.

Natal Powers

A natal telekinetic is often capable of only the most clumsy applications of her powers. Unidirectional forces are all a psychic with this level of power can achieve- with concentration she can lift or push an object carefully, or with much less care she can shove all of her will into a wall of moving force large enough to topple a man.

Lifting Hand

Roll: Resolve+Telekinesis

A character can lift 10 kg per point of Resolve.


Roll: Resolve+Telekinesis

Rather than a constant force the psychic creates a single push. The character treats the activation roll as a ranged combat attack. Treat the attack as a firearm attack for the purposes of dodges. The damage on the attack is equal to the character's Resolve+VPs and is treated as stun damage. A character struck by Telekinetic Push must make a Strength+Vigor roll (1 VP) or be knocked down.

Operant Powers

An operant telekinetic has developed the ability to create multiple distant forces. This allows her to manipulate objects at a distance as if she held them in her hand or accelerate a small object to amazing speeds with the precision of a firearm.

Dueling Hand

Roll: Wits+Telekinsis

A character can manipulate any object within sight with Dexterity equal to her Wits and Strength equal to her Resolve.

Telekinetic Crush

Roll: Resolve+Telekinsis

The telekinetic uses the grappling rules on a target at a distance. Use Resolve in place of Strength.

Telekinetic Throw

Roll: Dex+Telekinesis

The psychic propels a lifted object (10 kg per point of Resolve) and lobs it at a target. If the psychic picks up a smaller object, however, she can accelerate it to near bullet speeds. Thrown objects do the Psychic's Resolve + VPs in damage. Alternately, if the psychic picks up a small object she may do Resolve -2 + VPs in damage. Attacks in this fashion use the Ranger Combat rules, and Telekinetic Throw is treated as a semi-automatic attack.

Prime Powers

Prime Telekinetics vary radically in their focus and abilities. Some continue to expand their ability to create additional forces, lifting and manipulating several objects at a time. Others turn inward and learn how to propel not just objects, but people into the air. Still others learn to turn the force they create in on itself, releasing tremendous amounts of energy when the power is released. Dozens of applications of Telekinesis were developed during the Second Republic. Only a very few are known today.

Far Arms

Roll: Wits+Telekinesis

As Dueling hand, but can manipulate a number of items equal to Resolve. Note that even though this may mean that a character may be able to take a separate action with each levitated item, particularly complex actions (dueling with a sword, aiming a gun, putting a key in a lock) may incur penalties if they are all done simultaneously.


Roll: Dex+Telekinesis

As Telekinetic Throw, however the psychic can launch as many objects equal to their Resolve. The psychic may treat these ranged attacks as though fired from an automatic weapon and may burst actions.

Far Wall

Roll: Resolve + Telekinesis

The psychic creates a barrier of psychic force with a maximum area of (Resolve)^2 (m^2). The wall must be a single continuous piece, though it can be shaped into a dome or sphere. The barrier is typically immobile and does not need to be anchored to anything- a psychic can create a bridge out of this force, or a hovering platform. The barrier provides an armor rating equal to the telekinetics resolve+VPs.


Roll: Wits+Telekinesis

The telekinetic flies at a rate of (5 +Vps) kph/ point of Resolve.

Demolishing Hand

Roll: Wits+Telekinesis

The psychic rolls Wits+TK like a ranged attack. Vps determine how close to the target the psychic detonates a hyper-compressed ball of air. The detonation does Resolve+VPs in stun damage, -1 damage/meter.

6th Sense