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Renaud Germain De Moley

Crusader King

Count of the De Moley
Date of Birth: 4973
Homeworld: Yathrib
Home County: Leon

Height: 6'11
Weight: 310
Physical Effects: Handsome, Large, Tall, Horrible Scar


A mountain of a man, Count Renaud Germain De Moley is not easy to miss in a crowd. Standing nearly 7 feet tall, he has been known to be mistaken for a Grimson by off-worlders. His large form is muscular in nature, power packed into a towering frame. Long blond hair is blown back from his features, flowing down to his mid-back, unrestrained and flowing. Blue eyes and a strong jaw cut the very image and bearing of a De Moley Nobleman, as befits the Count of Lions. A handsome man, his square jawed noble features stand out in a crowd.

His expression is usually fairly placid, a calmness that is not quite peaceful. Almost unsettling, it's more akin to a shark watching from under the water, waiting for someone to get wet. From brow to jaw on the right side of his face, it looks like someone has drug a heated blade down his features. The horrible scar is vivid and white, but mercifully has not claimed his eye.

He is dressed in the dress uniform of a DeMoley officer, a dark navy blue jacket and pants, with gold piping and trim, made of synthsilk. The heraldry of the house of DeMoley is prominent on his shoulder, the lion rampant with a rose in its teeth. At his back hangs his battle-axe, while on his thigh a battered but well maintained heavy pistol rests in a leather holster. Black jackboots and spurs mark him as cavalry.


Reputed to be a master of heavy cavalry, Renaud has the full backing of the County of Leon and his vassals. At least, to his face. He is rumored to speak fluent Kurgan and have some knowledge of their ways.


Count Renaud Germain De Moley, aged 28 (Born in 4973), is a warrior and crusader, born and bred from the line of De Moley. Eldest son of Count Joscelin De Moley, he was trained to lead and fight from an early age. The finest tutors, the best weapons and the very best training, he rose to every challenge thrown him and to incredible stature.

Called the 'Rampant Lion', his gold and blue banner was feared and respected even among the enemy by the time of his late teens. With a head of long blond hair and a frame the size of a small gracklefox, Renaud was an unholy terror on the battlefield. His roaring war cry and battle-axe swung from horseback with a terrific force that was well known among his foes. During the battles against the forces of Jalalkan in 4992, he was again and again at the head of the van, his banner flying and axe cleaving. His tactics, while not innovative, were impressive and successful enough to force Jalalkan to re-order his forces and hold cavalry in reserve to counter the Lions charge.

It was that notoriety that served him in poor stead when he was traveling down the coastline to Joburg for a conference in 4993 (age 20). His flag was struck by a storm that blew her across the Gulf, wrecking the Lion's Pride on the rocks near Tyche. With a small group of survivors, they started to make their way back to friendly territory. They would not make it far however, due in part to the mans large stature. A local sharif recognized Renaud as he made his way through the souk of Tyche and his crew as apprehended.

Five years were spent in Kurgan hands as a prisoner of war. When it became clear he would not recant his faith and convert, he was sold by his captors into slavery. From Tyche, he was sold to a merchant from Dor, and from there he was sent to Gilead for the slave market. Rutger Mortimer took posession of him there, and for some time, he was held in bondage, chained in the dungeons of that betrayers keep. Renaud's back bears the deep scours and stripes of Rutger's lashings, but it is the long, straight, malicious gash down Renaud's face people notice first.

While in Gilead he was observed for by the Queen of Zelah, Her Highness Zafirah el-Zelah. Taken by the Queen as a personal project, Renaud spent some three years with the most beautiful woman in the Pearls, in captivity. Some people use 'air quotes' when saying 'in captivity'. During a storm in 4998 (Age 25), he managed an escape assisted by rebels in Odom. He made his way on a stolen skiff, sailing back to Joburg and then onward to home.

Making his way back to Leon, he found his father had died in a heroic duel just before he arrived. Renaud was shattered to have lost his father on the very eve of his return. Many looked at Renaud with suspicion and outright hostility, wondering just how faithful he had been in his five years away. Some suspect the Queen may have born Renaud a child, a child which might severely complicate succession when Renaud takes a wife and has properly baptized heirs. Not all were joyful and indeed, many a duel was fought before he was coronated the Lion Count and joined the Seven Seigneuries. Rumors swirl of secret couriers and letters in the night, but none dare challenge his faith or his loyalty too openly, much less the power of his axe.