Rites of Saint Amalthea

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Rite of Saint Amalthea the Healer


Ritual: Prayer

Roll: Resolve+Theurgy

Duration: The Scene

Range: Sensory

The Calming rite disperses the emotions of rage, hate, fear, and even excitement. This rite has prevented many confrontations from escalating to violence, which accounts for the Amaltheans' reputation as diplomats. In addition, Calming may be effective for targets that are psychically manipulated or possessed by demons. The target receives a +4 goal roll to any use of the Discipline skill and will find their mood soothed, unable to experience strong emotions (either positive or negative), promoting clarify of thoughts.


Ritual: Prayer, Sermon Roll: Presence+Theurgy Duration: Instant Range: Touch

Cleansing is similar to the rites of Sanctification but is used to target a living person rather than inanimate objects or places. The ritual removes the evil taints left on a person such as a curse or other malicious occult effect. Note that this rite cannot be used to cast out a possessing entity, although it can be used to momentarily halt effects caused to the victim of possession. True exorcism is an arduous and lengthy process (see below).

Healing Hand of Saint Amalthea

Ritual: Blessing, Prayer Roll: Presence+Theurgy Duration: Instant Range: Touch

The theurgist places his hands on a wounded individual and recites a healing prayer. Amaltheans often also ritually wash the wound with fresh water. Every VP on this roll heals 1 serious wound or 3 flesh wounds.

Mend the Broken Mind

Ritual: Sermon Roll: Intuition + Theurgy Duration Permanent Range: Touch

Psychological trauma is quite common in the dark and troubling times of the fifty-first century. Wars, oppression, and crippling poverty compete for attention with barbarian and alien threats, occult forces, and demons lurking in the darkness. When attempting to use this rite the storyteller will set a threshold for the mental disorder to be cured, ranging from 1 VP (representing a minor quirk or idiosyncrasy) to 6 VPs (representing an individual completely in the throes of madness). If the theurgist succeeds in his roll the mental illness will recede in severity by 1 VP. The process of returning a mind to sanity is a slow one.

Oath to Saint Amalthea

Ritual: Prayer, Sermon Roll: Presence+Theurgy Duration: Story Range: Sensory

Inspired by the Oath of Fellowship that the saints pledged to one another at the time of their worst trial, this rite binds a group together in friendship and trust, and is a theurgical version of the sacrament of Holy Congress. The pledge must be made at the start of some specific task and it lasts as long the group is actively engaged in pursuing that task. Every member of the group that participates in the ritual receives a +2 bonus to any goal number when easing pain and aiding those in need. Theurgist members receive the same bonus when using rites of Saint Amalthea. Oathbreaking is a mortal sin and to break the Oath of Saint Amalthea comes at a terrible price. Any member of the group who betrays the oath receives a -1 to ALL goals until cleansed by holy trial or other similar act of penance. If a theurgist breaks the Oath of Saint Amalthea then he may no longer use any rites of Saint Amalthea until such time as he undergoes an act of penance.


Ritual: Prayer, Sermon Roll: Resolve+Theurgy Duration: Instant Range: Touch

By invoking the compassion of Saint Amalthea, a theurgist can restore a body's spiritual humors to their proper balance: curing diseases and neutralizing poisons. Damage already suffered from such ills is not healed but the causes are removed, allowing patients to recover normally. Viruses and bacterial infections are defeated by the patient's own immune system and toxins are broken down and excreted from the body.