Rites of Saint Horace

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Rites of Saint Horace

Blessing the Crops

Modes: Sermon Roll: Presence+Theurgy Duration: Season Range: Special

Growing from the traditional role of the priesthood in agrarian cultures, this rite enables a theurgist to purify or enrich an amount of food equal to his Faith × 10 in pounds. Crop Blessing will neutralize impurities and organic poisons, restore perishable foods within two days of their having spoiled, and, in the case of untainted foodstuffs, make them more nutritious and fulfilling by 50% (for example, a ten day supply of rations can be stretched out to fifteen days). This rite is very valuable on many worlds, where the fading suns fail to properly nourish crops.

Dissolve and Combine

Ritual: Prayer Roll: Wits+Theurgy Duration: Instant Range: Touch

Horace was a man of learning before he became a champion of Zebulon’s teachings, and he brought to his work with theurgy the methods and processes of science. The Dissolve and Combine rite, sometimes called by its ancient name Solve et Coagula, is the basic process of all alchemical work. It entails separating the components of the material worked with, reducing them to their basic essences, and requires the use of a workshop or laboratory and an oven. Once dissolved, the alchemist may then combine the essential components back into a new material. (Note that the Dissolve and the Combine stages require separate castings of this rite).

The real use of this rite lies in choosing which essential components to put back in the combining phase. The alchemist can choose to leave out impure elements, and even add dissolved essential components from another material to make the end result uncorrupted and perfect. This will let her purify food or water similar to the Blessing the Crops/Water rite, but through a much more complex process. It also allows her to remove impurities from minerals, and distill useful properties from herbs and medicinal plants. Although a dissolved material can be combined back together, such material will seldom have the same structure as it used to, especially when dealing with organic materials. A steak dissolved to remove harmful fat forinstance, will not combine back into a proper steak, but rather a mushy meat-protein stew.

This rite is of limited use to living beings as the procedures of dissolving by cooking and grinding, etc., will kill any living creature. It would, however, be possible fo the alchemist to perform some forensic investigation work, such as separating the traces of poison in a murder victim’s hair and so on. The amount of material the alchemist can work with is restricted by the practical realities of her workspace, instruments and oven—most commonly, about 1 to 2 kg is the limit.

Divine Revelation

Ritual: Prayer Roll: Intuition+Theurgy Range: Self Duration: Special

Developed from the common prayer for guidance, this rite guarantees the theurgist some kind of insight into whatever problem is vexing her. The theurgist receives a +4 goal number to all Lore tests.

Oath to Saint Horace

Ritual: Prayer, Sermon
Roll: Presence+Theurgy
Duration: Story
Range: Sensory

Inspired by the Oath of Fellowship that the saints pledged to one another at the time of their worst trial, this rite binds a group together in friendship and trust, and is a theurgical version of the sacrament of Holy Congress. The pledge must be made at the start of some specific task (lasting one drama), such as a journey or mission. Every member of the pledge receives a +2 bonus to any goal number when performing research or preserving lore. Theurgist members receive the same bonus when casting further rites of Saint Horace.

Betraying the pledge comes at a terrible price, as Oathbreaking is a Mortal Sin tarnishing one’s soul mirror. The +2 bonus is turned into a ‑1 penalty to all goal numbers, lasting till the offender is redeemed by undertaking a pilgrimage or some other holy trial. In addition, Oathbreaking theurgist members of the pledge can no longer call upon rites of Saint Horace.

Silencing the Maddened Wilderness

Ritual: Prayer, Sermon
Roll: Presence+Theurgy
Duration: Scene Range: Sensory

The theurgist sings hymns to the Pancreator’s honor, causing all Symbiots in range to lose their connection to the Lifeweb— the mystical rampant life force that seems to be the source to their powers. Symbiot powers stop working and shapeshifters can no longer change form. Seeds and other forms of Symbiot conversion and infection become dormant, and those already infected (but not yet turned) will recover. And, perhaps most important of all, Symbiot masters lose all ability to communicate with and control their drones. Symbiot Tech will still work though, weapons will fire and vehicles operate, but sub-systems (remote telepathic control, infection bombs, life sensors, etc.) might not.

Tongues of Babel

Ritual: Blessing, Prayer
Roll: Wits+Theurgy
Duration: Scene
Range: Self

Common among missionaries, the Tongues of Babel enables a theurgist to understand and speak almost any language with which he is not already familiar. For some time before the rite, he must hear the language spoken frequently by natives or other fluent speakers, getting used to the sounds and rhythms. During the next scene the missionary gains the advantage of having the appropriate Culture skill at rank 5. This rite does not confer the ability to read the language.