Rites of Saint Paulus

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Rites of Saint Paulus

Celestial Alignment

Ritual: Blessing, Prayer
Roll: Intuition+Theurgy
Duration: 1 Turn
Range: Self

One of the earliest rites attributed to Saint Paulus, it was believed that his faith allowed him to navigate by the divine fire of the Pancreator, even under an alien sky. This rite allows the theurgist to pinpoint his exact location in space and time, relative to the closest stellar bodies or geographical features. When on a world the theurgist can learn exactly where he is in relation to places he is familiar with (such as a city he has visited or features of a map studied) as well as what time it is. When in space the theurgist may divine where he is (i.e. the ship he’s aboard), in relation to other stellar bodies, such as the distance to the system’s sun, the direction of the jumpgate, or his path in relation to a comet’s trajectory, etc. He needs to see only one familiar feature, such as the sun over a world, or a system’s gas giant planet, to realize the alignment of all other features and bodies of which he is aware. The theurgist may not, however, consider his location in relation to bodies and features he knows nothing about, and the rite will not bring him new discoveries, instead it simply organizes the spaces and places he is aware of, in relation to each other and himself.

Fruitful Multiplication

Ritual: Prayer, Sermon
Roll: Resolve+Theurgy
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch

This rite increases the amount of some good, most typically food or water.


Modes: B, P Threshold: 15/10 Range: Touch Duration: Scene This rite creates what appears to be a campfire, generating enough light to see in a 10 meter radius, and can be used to boil water and cook food. The fire created is supernatural however, and causes no accidental or surplus heat or damage (and can thus be safely used even indoors or aboard spacecraft). It will not set other materials, no matter how flammable, afire, and it cannot be used to smelt ore or bake pottery. No fuel is needed, and oxygen is not consumed, but a cleared space must be prepared for the rite.

Lamp of the Traveler

Modes: B, P Threshold: 10/5 Range: Self Duration: Scene This rite creates a glowing insubstantial sphere in the theurgist’s palm capable of casting enough light to read by in a 3 meter radius. An alternate version of this rite creates a tight searchlight-type beam that extends from the theurgist’s palm, which can be used to search darkened rooms or dazzle enemies of the Faith. The range for this beam is 10 meters.

Oath to Saint Paulus

Modes: P, S Threshold: 15/10 Range: Sensory Duration: Drama Inspired by the Oath of Fellowship that the saints pledged to one another at the time of their worst trial, this rite binds a group together in friendship and trust, and is a theurgical version of the sacrament of Holy Congress. The pledge must be made at the start of some specific task (lasting one drama), such as a journey or mission. Each member of the pledge receives a +2 bonus to any goal number when navigating, tracking, searching or investigating the unknown. Theurgist members receive the same bonus when casting further rites of Saint Paulus. Betraying the pledge comes at a terrible price, as Oathbreaking is a Mortal Sin tarnishing one’s soul mirror. The +2 bonus is turned into a ‑2 penalty to all goal numbers, lasting until the offender is redeemed by undertaking a pilgrimage or some other holy trial. In addition, Oathbreaking theurgist members of the pledge can no longer call upon rites of Saint Paulus.

Safe Journey

Modes: S Threshold: 10 Range: Touch Duration: Act This rite protects a group of travelers and/or a mode of transportation for the duration of a specific journey (no longer than an act). The travelers will be safe from accidents and side-effects of traveling. For example, they will not: be incidental targets of pirates or muggers, have their horse trip and fracture its leg, suffer a flat tire, be struck by lightning, etc. (ignore travel related Mishaps). They will also be safe from supernatural effects and threats, such as the Sathra effect going through a jumpgate (even if the Sathra dampers are disabled) and so on. The protection will not work if threats deliberately seek out the travelers, such as an enemy Baronet moving to arrest and plunder the cadre’s coach, nor will it protect from accidents suffered through reckless behavior or conduct going against common sense (pushing a horse to sprint over rocky ground at night, carrying a metal rod high during a thunderstorm, etc.). The Pancreator looks after his children, but he does not reward stupidity.