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(Second Sight)
(Second Sight)
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Range: Self
Range: Self
(In Work)
This ritual operates identically to the Sixth Sense psychic power "Subtle Sight".
The Second Sight rite allows the theurgist to perceive the
hidden nature of someone corrupted by occult or diabolic
means. A psychic’s Urge may for example be seen as a dark
fetal form in the psychic’s brain (lower Urge levels), or a fully
formed shadow moving independently and defiantly of the
psychic (higher Urge levels). An Antinomist takes on some
demonic appearance, horns and hooves, beastly face, bat wings,
or other such attributes (the more powerful the Antinomist, the
more attributes he manifests), while the demon possessing him
can be seen as a disgusting creature coiled up inside. Another
theurgist’s Hubris is momentarily experienced by the caster,
while the non-human features concealed by a Symbiot infiltrator
will become apparent and so on. The gamemaster should
tailor the Second Sight description to the situation and targets
in question, using the above as guidelines. The Second Sight
rite also indicates to the theurgist the details of any theurgic rite
in effect near him, such as its general type (hostile, protective,
healing, informative, manipulative etc.), its target, and its caster.
===Zeal Aura===
===Zeal Aura===

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Rites of Ven Lohji

All-Seeing Eye

Ritual: Prayer, Sermon
Roll: Wits+Theurgy
Duration: 1 Scene
Range: Self (Special)

This ritual operates in the same fashion as the Sixth Sense psychic ability "Far Sight".

Clear Mind

Ritual: Blessing, Prayer
Roll: Resolve+Theurgy
Duration: 1 Scene
Range: Self

This rite helps to clear the mind and guide its focus for meditation. The subject receives a +3 goal number to all Discipline, Inquiry and Art based tasks for the remainder of the scene.

Oath to Saint Ven Lohji

Ritual: Sermon
Roll: Presence+Theurgy
Duration: 1 Story
Range: Sensory

Inspired by the Oath of Fellowship that the saints pledged to one another at the time of their worst trial, this rite binds a group together in friendship and trust, and is a theurgical version of the sacrament of Holy Congress. The pledge must be made at the start of some specific task (lasting one drama), such as a journey or mission. Every member of the pledge receives a +2 bonus to any goal number when performing meditation, contemplation and artistic endeavors. Theurgist members receive the same bonus when casting further rites of Saint Ven Lohji. Betraying the pledge comes at a terrible price, as Oathbreaking is a Mortal Sin tarnishing one’s soul mirror. The +2 bonus is turned into a ‑1 penalty to all goal numbers, lasting till the offender is redeemed by undertaking a pilgrimage or some other holy trial. In addition, Oathbreaking theurgist members of the pledge can no longer call upon rites of Saint Ven Lohji.

Rending the Veil of Unreason

Ritual: Blessing, Prayer
Roll: Intuition+Theurgy
Duration: 1 Scene
Range: Self

This rite lets the theurgist perceive a person’s soul mirror reflection of the light of the Celestial Sun, thereby gaining insight into that person’s conviction and sins. The reflection takes the form of a miniature of the Holy Flame, burning in the heart region of the target’s aura. The size of the reflected Flame is determined by the target’s Faith rating, and it’s shining strength by the target’s temporary Faith rating. The Flame fills about 10% of the person’s torso area per Faith rating, and shines with approximately 10% of the strength of Urth’s Sol per temporary Faith Point. As the soul mirror is “tarnished” by sinful actions and intentions, the theurgist may discern the type and extent of the target’s sinful ways. Sin “Tarnish” Pride Narrow vertical streaks Greed Broad horizontal streaks Lust Violet bubbles rising from the bottom Envy Greenish streaks pointing inward from the outer edges Sloth Thick bluish bubbles rolling down from the top Sin (continued) “Tarnish” Wrath Reddish streaks radiating from center Oathbreaking Cracks; one for each oath broken, with sizes depending on the oath importance

Second Sight

Ritual: Blessing Roll: Intuition+Theurgy Duration: 1 Scene Range: Self

This ritual operates identically to the Sixth Sense psychic power "Subtle Sight".

Zeal Aura

Modes: B, P, S Threshold: 15/10/5 Range: Self Duration: Scene The theurgist shuts down all her occult faculties and renders herself immune to theurgy, psychism, antinomy, demonic possession, and other forms of occultism. She can neither herself use nor be the target off any kinds of occult powers for the duration of the rite.