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Samina Fairuz Nouhad al-Malik
Lady Emissary of Hydessos



"It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of lonliness and pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting monotony.
-Benjamin Britten

Basic Information

Samina was born to an Antipodes baroness and her consort, the nephew of Nadira Nour al-Malik. The youngest of three children, she grew up doted on by her parents and quite boisterous older siblings, kept from being overshadowed by her sweet and biddable nature that tended to endear her to even the most stoic of people at her mother's court. She received the well-rounded education that one would expect from her wealthy noble background, though her somewhat frail stature lent itself less to physical pursuits and more towards the arts. She had a particular affinity for music and dance, often shadowing the artists that visited her parents’ household, and charming her tutors in those subjects. Her ability to befriend and engage others was noted by her parents, and when she was twelve she was sent to court as a young companion and lady-in-waiting to her Great Aunt in Hydessos.

Samina’s beauty even at such a tender age attracted notice, but it was her natural affinity for inspiring trust combined with her appearance that drew the Countess’ eye on the girl for having potential to be more than eventual debutante. She needed more confidence and comfort in having eyes on her, and with her skills in performance, the Countess directed her towards an apprenticeship and then a true artist role, as befitted a young lady of rank, within her court. Samina grew more confident performing for the many visitors that called there, as well as for members of the court and Nadira herself.

Several years ago, she and her parents and brother were returning back to the barony from court when the flitter they were riding in malfunctioned and crashed; her mother and brother were killed instantly, her father lingered for a few days, and Samina was seriously injured, though not enough to cut short her performance career.

Samina continued to serve at the Hydessos court rather than her sister's, until Nadira sent her to Akko. At first primarily given leave to pursue her original intention to collect all the songs and dances of the Known Worlds that she could find there, as well as offer a cultural exchange of sorts, it was not long before Nadira made her a personal emissary and de facto ambassador. These days, with so much of import going on in the Crusader State and the rise of influence by Hydessos' main rival, Fallingfire, Samina's duties as Hydessan emissary are her primary occupation. Esteem of her singing and dancing abilities combined with her beauty is extremely high, however, both in the Crusader State and in the Antipodes, granting her the sobriquet of Songbird in both places.

Social traits: Trustworthy, Well-Liked


Standing just a shade under 5'3", this stunningly beautiful young woman easily draws the eye. Her skin is a flawless bisque ivory, kissed with rose. Hip length dark hair is blessed with natural highlights of auburn and mahogany, especially in the sun. Her features are exquisite and well balanced: large expressive dark brown eyes framed in delicate brows, high cheekbones, and soft lips that readily curve into a smile. She possesses a dancer's lithe frame, and moves with grace and confidence. She favors the colorful and exquisitly designed traditional silk saris and lehenga cholis that are often found amongst the court of her birth.


Countess Eleanora Justine Amber Carlotta din Alt van Gelder, Countess Johburg - Friend and ally to Hydessos, and to Countess Nadira herself.

Baron Arkady Ivanovich Decados, Lord of Margat - Charming aviator and potstirrer, Hassan's best friend.

Lord-General Caelwyn Ichiro Xiu-Feng Li Halan - The Dragon. A deft dance of admiration and opposition.

Baroness Chiaka Iulia Theodosia Justinian, Lady Avenal – Delicate flower, mostly unknown but perhaps this shall change.

Baron Hassan ibn Abd Al-Haww ibn Al-Malik, Lord of Helborg - Endearing and ardent, perhaps the future of the Yathrib al-Malik.

Sir Jerusalem Steel, Questing Knight - Sailing by moonlight always leaves an impression, and a shift in perspective.

Lord Julien Bryce Hawkwood, Baron-Consort of Crow's Landing - Fond memories, though tread carefully.

Baroness Lysandra Justinian, Lady of Claudius' Tomb - Adventurous, astute, and quite intriguing. Also, excellent taste...in many things.

Brother Moroko, Acolyte of Brother Battle, Vicar-Commander of Prior's Ford - Dear and trusted, a guiding star and shelter.

Consul Rose Madani, Reeves Guild - Friend and confidante, appreciative of the finer things; unexpected ties from afar.

Sir Thomas Reginald King - Dangerous and dashing, and purveyor of breathtaking adventure; do not seat him next to a Decados at a dinner party.

Baronet Yuri Ivanovich Decados, of Severus - Unassuming and courtly, a fine dancer and excellent companion.

Captain Sir Zakaria Haidar ibn Yunus ibn Hakim al-Bahri al Malik, Heir-Apparent of Hydessos - Beloved cousin, safe harbor in the fiercest storm.


The Songbird of the Antipodes

Lady of the al-Malik
Date of Birth: April 1, 4979
Homeworld: Yathrib
Home County: Hydessos

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115
Physical Effects: Beautiful, Short
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