Seven Seigneuries

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The so-called "Seven Seigneuries" are the chief vassals of the Lord of Akko; they were so designated in 4672 by the Statute of Counts, issued by Lord Walker Justinian in response to the rise of the Prince-Bishoprics around the Holy City. The Statute survived All Saints' War in 4756 and became even more important after the Kurgan invasion in 4874, when the Seven were chief captains among Revelation's armies.

The Seven Seigneuries are:

Founded as "New Johannesburg" before the Prophet beheld the Holy Flame, Johburg is south of Akko. The Counts of Johburg are also called the Fisher Counts, and they style themselves as Lords of Gulf and Sea with titular claims over the islands in the Shining Gulf.
The County of Leon takes its name from the town of Leon, where the Prophet is said to have encountered a lion that bowed before him. Leon is traditionally the most important of the Seven, and it gives its name to Cote-Leon, the Lion Coast north of Akko.
Maleband lies across the Pass of Arrows on the edge of the great desert, which swallowed it in 4823. The title is now held by the Count of Auberry.
Auberry stretches up into the hills towards the headwaters of the Little Joyeaux. It still has rich vineyards and orange groves.
The Count of Olivet vies with Leon for importance among the Seven; ruled by the senior Justinian lord since the All Saints' War, it sits at the head of the Vale of Olives and dominates all three Vale lordships.
One of the Vale counties, Childeric-of-the-bees was one half of the County of Childeric before the War of the Twins in 4430.
Childeric-of-the-vines is the other half of Old Childeric, situated across the Vineway from Childeric-of-the-bees.
Joyeaux and Oultrejoyeaux
Not officially one of the Seven but treated as such, Joyeaux was a great keep at the mouth of the River of Joy built by the Counts of Leon during the All Saints' War and rebuilt after the Kurgan invasion. When the Flavian Crusade opened up some of the lands on the far side of the River of Joy, the Lord of Joyeaux claimed those lands and announced his independence from Leon.