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  • ...omise that mankind could fight back the night. My father raised a force of Crusaders to return along the long night roads to Yathrib while I remained behind, sw ...s trying to reach their loved ones and their home. Shipments of food from offworld faltered, and the mechanical farms and vat-factories that sustained the pil
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  • ...t for our cause as brothers in arms." Since recontact, important offworld crusaders have also been given that honor. When a crusader is first introduced to th ...e approach from the ruins of Maleband; it has been held by a succession of crusaders. Finally, the Cripple Keep controls one of the three crossings over the Le
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  • ...the Holy Flame. Yathrib is a world at war, riven between the faithful few crusaders of the Known Worlds and the infidel Kurgan Caliphate - but it is also a pla ...ere - and it is the site of a great military conflict between Known Worlds crusaders and a foreign power known as the Kurgan Caliphate.
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  • ...faction, on the other hand, is less concerned with what has been. Offworld Crusaders make up an important part of the faction, but the most vocal voices for rap In some ways, the Exodites have given the more numerous offworld crusaders a moral heart. The Exodites have long distrusted the Guardian, the Curia, a
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  • ...nally, their aid is sometimes requested when troublesome matters involving Crusaders arise. The traditional charter of the Brothers as protectors of pilgrims a ...all of the Cattlemen's Association sits. Recently, though, the increase in offworld travelers - many of whom fill inns and boardinghouses near Voortrekar - hav
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  • 'Course, if that happened, those offworld Chainers couldn't farm the Camps for slaves, could they? of the wagon, but thankfully a handful of soldiers and crusaders were there to aid in making sure the dead made it
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  • ...Free City of Rotdam. Though she is at odds with the 'radical' wing of the Crusaders, she has been vocal in her support for the rights of the Inquisition - publ * Roshan Keddah: writer, provider of precious offworld books
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  • It is being said amongst the Crusaders that the retainer of a Crusader Knight was castrated a few days ago by a Li ...s a great deal of pressure for the chapter to name an Orthodox priest from offworld.
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  • ...empty and the Exodites'd be home by now. 'Course, if that happened, those offworld Chainers couldn't farm the Camps for slaves, could they? ...bodies falling off of the wagon, but thankfully a handful of soldiers and crusaders were there to aid in making sure the dead made it to their final resting pl
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  • ...n when they recount the tale when they crowd the bars and whorehouses that crusaders are known to frequent. ...Church of Saint Jackson, so recently a source of conflict between zealous Crusaders and hard-lined Brother Battle, is rumored to have mysteriously disappeared
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  • ...truth, this chaos is spreading throughout the Foregate, so that Swords and Crusaders heading from the Cathedral Quarter to the Old City now must travel in force ...ting to use that force when required. So far, no one has died, but several Crusaders as well as those resisting them have been shot or stabbed. With the Brother
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  • contributors to the on-going Crusade to which both natives and our offworld visitors are committed. I am happy to provide assistance in transporting vo The Camps contain a finite number of residents, however, and I remind all Crusaders that the great majority of those resident in Kurgan-held lands are descenda
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  • ...nglor, continues to offer his services here in Akko to the Nobles, Clergy, Crusaders, Guilders, and Imperial Soldiers from the Known World here on Yathrib. He i : \ ,-. the newest round of Crusaders, Count Renaud
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  • ...ts. Let the peers of the Curia be shamed by this generous commitment by an offworld Crusader! ...Kossacks, Julien glances to the side before speaking to the contingent of Crusaders also present in the keep -- word has been filtered through town criers and
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  • ...religious exhortations. When the time came, his forces, and those Li Halan crusaders who pledged their own resources and companies to him as their Captain poure warrior, but not the best tactician or strategist, and despite his offworld origins, appears to have become wedded to the Yathribi De-Moley cause. None
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  • * The Lord of Joyeaux could buy Johburg crops and use them to feed the crusaders who winter there. ...quantities of Margat beer in anticipation of the coming winter, where many crusaders are expected to shelter at Joyeaux.
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  • ...:PCs]][[Category:Active Characters]][[Category:Guilds]][[Category:Offworld Crusaders]][[Category:The Church]]
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  • To the aforeaddressed Peers of Yathrib and Offworld; Julien arrives with a squadron comprised of half Kossacks, half Crusaders. None of which appear to be overtly armed; though one can never know, not w
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