The Church on Yathrib

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The Church has a powerful presence on Yathrib - the Most Holy Archbishop of Revelation is the planetary archbishop, an autocephalous see called sometimes 'the Apocalyptic See'.

The Archbishop of Revelation

Archbishop Clovis is an 88-year-old man who served his novitiate in the Basilica of the Revelation in the Holy City itself. As a boy of twelve, he accompanied Archbishop Diocletian's legate Father Stanislaus to the meeting that resulted in the Statute of 4925; when Diocletian was martyred and Stanislaus became Archbishop, Clovis stayed close to him, and when Stanislaus was killed in battle in 4950 Clovis was elected Archbishop at the age of 38. He will have his fiftieth year as Archbishop this year, and while he was once a strong and vocal advocate for the crusade and for the Exodite and refugee communities in particular he has slowed, particularly after enduring captivity in Kurgan hands during the Betrayal. Now, some say his uncertainty has left the Church rudderless, though others say he is walking a careful tightrope between appeasing radical preachers, an influx of liberal theologians from offworld and a whole new Church hierarchy not imagined in a millenium.

The Archbishop's cathedral is formally the Basilica in the Holy City. A striking, almost miraculous looking building, it has been shelled and fired and yet still retains its graceful lines. Now, though, it is in no man's land between Kurgan and Imperial forces, and the Archbishop instead sits at Exodus Cathedral in Pilgrim's Landing.

Deacon Cain

A strong-voiced man in his 30s, Deacon Cain occupies a far loftier position in the Church than his rank suggests. He is one of the Archbishop's personal secretaries, but what he truly is is a gifted preacher. Born to an Exodite family, his soaring rhetoric calls for a return to the Holy City, and he has sworn not to take priestly ordination until it is from the Holy Font in the Basilica. Some say that given his vast popular appeal he is guaranteed to shoot quickly through the episcopacy as soon as that occurs.

The Master of the Rock and Bishop of Akko

Master Theobald Greyshanks - Master Theo to almost everyone - is the Master of the Rock and ex officio the Bishop of Akko. He was a foundling at the Monastery at the Ford, rising to become its prior before he was elected Master, and he blames himself for the Betrayal. As prior, he knew Rutger Mortimer well, and he wonders if he had not taken up the mantle of Master if he could have prevented the Mortimer's treason. A warrior in his 50s, Theobald was a surprising choice as Master, with expertise more in logistics and organization than the front-line battle fury of his three immediate predecessors. Since recontact, he has had many conversations with Claudius de Moley on De Moley, and some say he may be promoted to be Grand Master if Claudius dies.

Amaltheans on Yathrib

While the Eskatonic Order and the Temple Avesti were founded after Yathrib lost contact with the Known Worlds, there were Amaltheans on planet from before the Fall. During the many years of the long night, the Amaltheans kept their separate identity and traditions but receded in prominence to be almost a monastic order, one with little political presence. In contrast, the Sanctuary Aeon in the larger Known Worlds continued to vocally strive against the Orthodoxy to bring a more compassionate vision to the Church.

This has created some friction in the last five years. While Yathribi Amaltheans did not approve of the somewhat martial political maneuverings of the Orthodoxy, they grumbled in quiet, not publicly crossing the Orthodoxy when they would exalt knights who committed atrocities against Kurgans or Sathraists or remaining silent when the Orthodoxy would look the other way when nobles engaged in excesses against their own people. Now, though, there has been an influx of missionaries from Artemis and Grail, and these new Amaltheans have no such tradition of deference. They have been speaking out against Orthodox excess, and many of the local bishops have found this new voice from their white-robed brothers and sisters rather upsetting, something that has continued to create strife between the Amaltheans and the Orthodoxy.

In addition to their new social causes, the Amaltheans have other issues. Many of the merciful technals used by the Sanctuary fell into disrepair on Yathrib, and the constant war meant there was a continual shortage of medical supplies. The arrival of the Crusades has just exacerbated that, and the Kurgans and Sathraists know that medical supplies are sorely needed - and so they target ships carrying medical supplies to the planet, since they have such immense value. As a consequence, many hard choices are having to made about triage, while other Amaltheans have been speaking up encouraging that the recovery of stolen supplies be a priority for the Crusader State. This is made even more pressing by the Kurgan habit of kidnapping Amaltheans themselves; whole convents have been taken prisoner and reportedly are forced to labor healing the Kurgans behind enemy lines.

The Sanctuary Aeon's base on Yathrib is an Amalthean Mission in Exodus Square, near Exodus Cathedral, though there are hospitals in other places. The headquarters of the Sanctuary on Yathrib was traditionally in the Healers' Ward in Revelation, but that section of the Holy City remains in Kurgan hands.