Theurgic Rituals

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Theurgy Rules

Using Theurgy

A Theurgy is empowered by the Divine Flame of the Pancreator reflected down from the Empryean, yet where the Pancreator is infinite a theurge is only human. A theurge may only use a number of rites equal to her Faith without fear being overwhelmed by the power she is acting as a conduit for. For every rite beyond her Faith that she wishes to use, the Theurge suffers a single lethal flesh wound.


In order to activate a Theurgic rite, the Theurge must perform a ritual. This can be as simple as making the sign of the jump cross or as intricate as involved as leading a community in prayer. Each rite requires its own form of ritual.


In order to use a rite with a Blessing the theurgist must recite a short prayer, often a single line of scripture, or perform a small gesture, most often the sign of the jump cross. A blessing takes 1 turn to perform.


Most often a theurgist must drop to their knees and recite a portion of the Omega Gospels in order to activate a rite that requires Prayer, though every sect prays in their own way. A prayer takes a minimum of 10 turns to perfom.


A ritual requiring a sermon requires that the Theurgist preach the words of the Omega Gospel, drawing from them the meaning and power that activates the Theurgic Rite's power. Every sect engages with the Gospels differently, however. Where an Orthodox Bishop might speak from his pulpit to his flock the Eskatonic Brother might perform an elaborate ritual drawn from occult principles rooted in esoteric Church lore. A sermon can take anywhere between ten minutes to an hour.

Some rites show that they have multiple rituals associated with them. This means that while the rite is properly activated by the most involved ritual, a Theurge who is pressed for time may use the rite with a less time consuming ritual at a penalty. Subtract 1 from the activation roll for each "level" of ritual the Theurge is attempting to skip. For example, a Brother Battle may pray for a minute or two for guidance before battle in order to use "Smiting Hand" at no penalty. The Brother Battle who finds himself suddenly in the midst of combat, however, may use the same rite at -1 in order to activate it that turn.


Church Rituals

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