Timeline of Yathrib

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Timeline of Events

2300 - 2500: The First Republic

2500 - 2770: Diaspora

  • Somewhere in here, PAMA discovers Yathrib and sells colonization rights to hardy colonists.
  • 2753: - Birth of Palamedes Alecto, the first Patriarch of the Universal Church.

2771 - 2850: The Age of Miracles

  • 2771: Zebulon and Paulus arrive on Yathrib. Miracle of the Humble Lion.
  • 2772: Zebulon sees the Holy Flame in Revelation and begins to preach the Omega Gospels.
  • 2849: Martyrdom of the Prophet. Zebulon dies on peace mission to Vau as his ship mis-jumps. Age of Miracles Ends.

2850 - ?: Ukari War

  • 2850: Palamedes Alecto declares himself the first Patriarch of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun. Palamedes unites most followers of the Prophet in the Universal Church.
  • 2855: Yathrib conquered by Ukari, beginning '40 Years of Night'
  • 2895: Human fleet pushes past Aylon, starting 10 year reconquest of Yathrib.
  • 2904: Yathrib is liberated in full.

The Second Republic

The Fall

  • 4061: Count Jackson De Moley liberates Akko from Cavil the pure. Brother Battle are officially formed.
  • 4073: Brother Battle destroy Sathrist stronghold of Discovery Bay from orbit. It was the only way to be sure.
  • 4093: Sathrists disable jumpgate while St. Godfrey is off-world for medical care, beginning the Sundering, 700 years of disconnect from the Known Worlds.
  • 4611: Titus Alecto, rich from slave plantations in the northern jungles, crowned himself King of Asher with the tacit support of the Brother Battle.
  • 4640: A coalition lead by Maxwell Justinian unseats Alecto of Asher. The Alecto family is outlawed, with its surviving scions absorbed by House Gesar.

The Sundering

  • 4672: Statute of Counts designates the “Seven Seigneuries”, including Johburg, as the chief vassals of the Lord of Akko (Lord Walker Justinian) in response to the rise of the Prince-Bishoprics around Revelation
  • 4756: All-Saints' War starts
  • 4776: All-Saints War brought to an end as House de Moley displace Justinians, and Brother Battle gain control over Prince-Bishops by 4800
  • 4800: Succession of Long Wars started, against Sathraist lands to the West
  • 4841: The three-year War of the Ports begins between Johburg and Leon. Crow's Landing is extracted by Johburg as part of an enforced peace on Leon.

4874 - 4991: Kurgan Conquests

  • 4874: Kurgan invasion, in response to which the Seven serve as the chief captains of Akko's forces.
  • 4874: Spoiling of the Pearls, in which the Cities are stripped of their orbital defenses. Kurgan attacks upon them commence.
  • 4889: Conversion of the Gesar brings the war for the Pearls to an end.
  • 4892: First Siege of Revelation (unsuccessful)
  • 4908: Second Siege of Revelation (unsuccessful)
  • 4919: Third Siege of Revelation (unsuccessful)
  • 4924: Fourth Siege of Revelation (successful, as Kurgans brought Orbital Bombardment to bear)
  • 4925: Crusader State of Revelation founded, with sworn intent of retaking the Holy City
    • Late 4925: Peace at the River of Joy establishes refugee camps and provides a break in hostilities
  • 4940: War resumes following Church-inspired rebellion in the Pearl Cities
  • 4973: Renaud Germain De Moley born to Josciline the Elder.
  • 4980: Tyche falls to the Kurgans
  • 4986: “Golden Season”, in which Geoffrey de Moley briefly retakes Revelation

4992 - 4996: Betrayal and 1st Crusade

  • 4992: The Betrayal: Rutger Mortimer, Count of Aubrey, leads a Kurgan invasion
  • 4993:
    • Spring: Renaud De Moley, son of Count Joscilin, is captured north of Tyche. He is presumed dead.
    • Fall: Count Joscelin de Moley, brother of the Lord of Akko, sees a vision of a reborn sun: he and his son (Joscelin) along with a few others set out to find it.
  • 4994: Seaborne landings near Johburg succeed in establishing beachheads; siege of the Johburg follows
  • 4996:
    • January 1: Count Joscelin De Moley kneels before Emperor Alexius I and swears Fealty.
    • Fall 4996: 1st Crusade arrives to relieve Akko and the Crusader State. Count Joscelin dies while breaking the siege of Akko.
    • Winter 4996: “Year and a half” siege of the Johburg finally lifted, following Battle of Akko

4997 - 4998: Reconquest

  • 4998: Jumproute to Aylon reopened
    • Spring:
      • Renaud De Moley escapes from captivity and returns to Leon. He is invested as the Count of Leon shortly after.

4999: Flavian Crusade

  • 4999: Prince Flavius Li Halan's Crusade arrives.

5000: The present and beyond