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===Crow's Landing===
== County of Childeric of the Bees ==
== County of Childeric of the Bees ==
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===Crow's Landing===
== County of Leon ==
== County of Leon ==

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All the various counties have vassals, usually barons; some have more, some have less, but each vassal baron is an independent lordship in its own right, bearing only faint allegiance to its count.

County Olivet


County of Childeric of the Bees


Situated inside the Mountains of Moab, Redburg is a herding town. During several of the wars between Bee and Vine it has been used as a military base by the Count of the Bees.

County of Childeric of the Vines


Barony of Fowler

Situated near the mouth of the Vale of Olives, Fowler is a little up in the foothills. Grapes from Fowler are often dried into raisins, and its population swelled with an influx of people fleeing the Siege of Akko. Some of them have stayed, allowing the baron to put more fields under cultivation.

County of Johburg





Crow's Landing

County of Leon

Barony of Arvin

Southwest of Leon, Arvin is renowned for its orchards, particularly its apple cider. Terraced vineyards also produce a quite drinkable white wine. During the Betrayal, Arvin was the site of a major Kurgan encampment used in the latter stages of the war to prosecute the final assault on Akko.

Barony of Josselin

One of Leon's oldest vassals, Josselin is just inland of the coast south of Joyeaux. It used to be a close town with Joyeaux itself, but since Joyeaux left Leon behind relations between the two places have been strained.






Two Counties of Auberry and Maleband

March of Sidon

Sidon Keep is one of the few great castles not in the hands of the Crusader State; perched atop a hill in the Craglands, it (along with Arsuf, which guards its westerly valleys) is one of the only bastions keeping the Kurgans from the Lesser Fork itself.

Barony of Arsuf

North of the Lesser Fork, Arsuf is an exposed hill barony that suffered heavily during the Betrayal. It was reconquered by an al-Malik knight, Ranjat al-Arsuf, who claimed the barony for his own with a claim to one of the Fifty Fiefs.

Barony of Avenal

Situated at the head of the Pass of Arrows, Avenal is a new barony, created by Auberry after the fall of Maleband. Its territory used to be part of the lands of the Earl of Malefaux, a vassal of Maleband; now, Malefaux's only remnant is the crusader castle at the top of the pass. Avenal Town is an important trading center for desert nomads, who bring herds over the pass to Avenal where local merchants purchase them to drive to Akko.

Prior's Ford



Lordship of Joyeaux and County of Oultrejoyeaux


One of the Oultrejoyeaux baronies, Jopha is half-way to Malaga. Famed for its dates, the Barony is almost constantly at war with several nearby vassals of the Malagan emir. Recently, though, it conquered the nearby town of Ghilat and has added it to its barony.

Port Sant-Claude


High Fen

Claudius' Tomb


Still To Be Described