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All the various counties have vassals, usually barons; some have more, some have less, but each vassal baron is an independent lordship in its own right, bearing only faint allegiance to its count.

County Olivet

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Walker Maxwell Justinian

County Olivet is at the top of Vale of Olives; ruled by Count Walker Justinian, the town of Olivet has the distinction of having a working planetary shield. Olivet's manors are famous for their olives and olive oil as well as a variety of citrus and nuts.

Barony of Jahant

Guelph Jahant is the Lord of Jahant; his family is distantly related to House Justinian, though it has plenty of Van Gelder in its bloodline as well. Jahant itself is a hill town midway up the Vale of Olives, and is a particularly dependable vassal of Olivet; it is famous for the boar hunted in its hills, who feed on wild truffles.

Barony of Coarsegold

County of Childeric of the Bees

Ruled by Count Fredo Hawkwood, the Bees was once a Justinian county that was lost through marriage.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Fredo Hawkwood


Situated inside the Mountains of Moab, Redburg is a herding town. During several of the wars between Bee and Vine it has been used as a military base by the Count of the Bees.



A Justinian fief ruled by Baron Krastor Justinian of Midian and his wife, Lady Aika - formerly of House Li Halan. The fief was earned during the Flavian Crusade through military prowess of the Baron and his son. It is also of note that the titular Baron happens to be the father of the Baroness of Avenal, Chiaka Justinian.

County of Childeric of the Vines

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Galen Malcolm Justinian



Barony of Fowler

Situated near the mouth of the Vale of Olives, Fowler is a little up in the foothills. Grapes from Fowler are often dried into raisins, and its population swelled with an influx of people fleeing the Siege of Akko. Some of them have stayed, allowing the baron to put more fields under cultivation.

County of Johburg

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Amber Van Gelder
Van Gelder - Coastal Fief

Free Port of Rotdam

Rotdam is the next town south along the Wild Coast from Johburg, and it has not been under noble rule since Mad Baron Aziz Azizi was killed by a popular mob for allegedly performing dark rites in his palace. Legends still tell of how he had a room whose walls were dyed red with blood, though the palace itself has long been razed and replaced by a Civic Arena, famous for gladitorial contests. Now, Rotdam is ruled by a Council of Aldermen under a direct charter from the Court at Akko. It retains traditional obligations to Johburg, and the Count or Countess is given the Keys to the Port of Rotdam upon her accession, but with the arrival of the League to Yathrib the burghers have been beginning to flex more muscle. Rotdam never had very many dependent manors, relying instead on the fishing trade, and with the dissolution of the barony many of those manors have been deeded to the Brother Battle, who maintain a chapter house in Rotdam whose prior-administrator is an ex officio alderman.

A coastal town with a fine, deep harbor, the seat of government is the fortified Civic Guildhall, dominated by a large meeting room with smaller spaces and offices around it. The Civic Guildhall looks out onto Execution Square, which also has the Civic Arena and the shops and residences for many of the most important guilders. There is no mayoral residence per se; instead, prominent aldermen and mayors use offices in the Civic Guildhall or their own homes.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Free City - Coastal Fief

Barony of Teldam

Set on a bluff on the Calpe peninsula, Teldam is the southern-most town held by the Known Worlders and the subject of constant Kurgan raiding. While it once boasted an active port, the docks were outside the city walls and now the fishermen drag their boats up to cover or into the town itself at night. Teldam has been conquered by the Kurgans on no less than six separate occasions in the last century, but its inland mesne vassals have been able to retake it with the help of Johburg each time. Still, it is a shadow of what it once was, as its lack of a proper harbor requires larger ships to anchor offshore and send in boats.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Valentijn Van Gelder
Van Gelder - Coastal Fief

Barony of Margat

Inland of Rotdam and southeast of Johburg is Margat, one of Johburg' s inland vassals. Originally granted to one of the Count's daughters as a dowry, the barony bears her name even centuries later. The Counts of Johburg still maintain a country residence near Margat that rather overshadows the baron's own palace. Margat's wheat is supposed to be particularly excellent, and several Charioteers have experimented with trying to export its famous bread in the form of unbaked dough.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Arkady Decados

Barony of Helborg

One of the mountain baronies, Helborg was the only one of Johburg's vassals to avoid heavy fighting during the Betrayal, though the town's geography makes it a natural citadel. Though it grows citrus and wheat in terraced fields, Helborg's manors put most of their land towards pasture, and Helborg wool is somewhat famous. During the Betrayal, Helborg served as an arsenal for Johburg and indeed all the southern campaigns, and now the Muster have rented portions of its arsenal to use as a facility for training and R&R far from the front. The townsfolk have cautiously welcomed mercenary money, though there has been an increase in crime, drugs and several unpleasant incidents with guilders who have gone too far.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Hassan al-Malik
al-Malik - Mountain Fief

Monastery of St. Cato

St. Cato's is on Cape Hattusas and is about the size of a sovereign baronetcy. The monastery is named after St. Cato, who led his followers to commit suicide after the Prophet's death on Ravenna, and it is notable because almost all of its monks are in their 'second life.' It was founded when a wealthy technologist had a vision of St. Cato during the Second Republic, and he believed as a result that - like St. Cato - he had died and now was beginning a new life. Since then, it has been a place that draws people who come to Church after a period as a knight, a lord, a soldier, a guilder, or anything else, sometimes even taking new names to signify their rebirth. The monastic community is consequently quite eclectic, and as part of that mission it has a substantial colony for lepers and the ill, with an Amalthean community co-located with the Orthodox monastery.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Orthodox. 'Other' represents lepers nd other terminally ill patients.

Barony of Crow's Landing

Though a vassal of Johburg, Crow's Landing is more properly in Cote-Leon than on Cape Hattusas or the Wild Coast. It is just on the northern edge of the badlands of Pilgrim's Landing, and is most famous as the site of the Battle of Hamelin Hill during the All Saints' War. Originally a Leon barony, Crow's Landing became a vassal of Johburg as a weregild for Johburg's lifting of a blockade of Port-Leon during the brief 'War of the Ports' prior to the Kurgan invasion. Now, Crow's Landing is most famous as a base for tech redeemers and relic hunters who comb the ruins of the deserted starport badlands to its south.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Decados - Other represents relic hunters and badlanders.

County of Leon

The town of Leon is founded on the site where a lion is said to have knelt to the Prophet, and the Basilica of the Submission is one of the most beautiful cathedrals on the east bank of the Shining Gulf. Leon's manors range all up and down the Shining Gulf, up to the very border of the Lesser Fork in some cases.

Noted Baronetcies of Leon

  • Issen - Everyone here died. It was evil.
  • Wolsey - currently empty, a tournament will be held for it.
  • Jaffrey Hall - Baronet Pierce De Moley
Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Renaud Germain De Moley
De Moley

Barony of Arvin

Northwest of Leon, Arvin is renowned for its orchards, particularly its apple cider. Terraced vineyards also produce a quite drinkable white wine. During the Betrayal, Arvin was the site of a major Kurgan encampment used in the latter stages of the war to prosecute the final assault on Akko. As a consequence, Arvin experienced far less direct spoilage than the rest of Leon, as Jalalkan kept the vineyards running and the manor intact. The Baron of Arvin has since capitalized on this, absorbing a number of nearby manors.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Seraphine De Moley
De Moley

Barony of Josselin

One of Leon's oldest vassals, Josselin is just inland of the coast south of Joyeaux. It used to be a close town with Joyeaux itself, but since Joyeaux left Leon behind relations between the two places have been strained. Josselin was hard-hit in the betrayal; reliant on fishing, many of its boats were destroyed and so many of the fishing families have lost their livelihood. Worse still is an ongoing dispute with Joyeaux over Josselin's traditional right to fish in the fens immediately near the citadel.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Katerine De Moley
De Moley - Coastal Fief

Deylik of Farouk

The only taifa barony in the Known Worlds' territory, the Sheikhdom of Farouk is north of Joyeaux along the banks of the Joyeaux, though the river is too broad to allow for easy crossing there. Farouk al-Farouk conquered the barony in 4983, and when the tides of war retreated founded himself surrounded by crusaders. He cut a deal with the elderly Count Renaud de Moley (grandfather of the current count) and swore fealty to Leon. During the Betrayal, Baron Farouk remained silent, letting Jalalkan's forces pass him by, neither aiding nor hindering their forces officially. After Joscelin's Crusade the canny Kurgan lord immediately renewed his vows, but he is now closer to both Auberry and Joyeaux than Leon, and those two counties eye the riverine barony.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Farouk al-Farouk
Taifa Barony

Barony of the Altamont

The quintessential mountain barony, the manors of the Altamont grow few crops. Instead, the chiefs of the mountain men pay the Lord of the Altamont homage, filling his armies with fierce hobilars on mountain ponies and paying a tax in goats and sheep to the barony each year. In years past, the Baron of Altamont acquired some lowland manors, but they were lost to Arvin and now the Altamonters pride themselves on having a sort of highland independence. The ramshead of the Altamont was particularly feared by the Kurgans during the Betrayal, as the Lord led constant raids out of the mountains against Jalalkan's supply lines, but he was ultimately caught and quartered along with his heirs shortly before the arrival of Joscelin's Crusade. A distant Known Worlder relative has now taken over the barony and is grappling with earning the trust of the mountain chiefs his cousins cemented over many generations.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Leilani Hawkwood
Hawkwood - Mountain Fief - Others represent the Mountain Tribes

Sovereign Baronetcy of Gant

A small but proud town, Gant is in fact south of Akko on the border between Johburg and Childeric of the Vines. The lord of Gant was once a mesne tenant of the Counts of Johburg, but a distant Lady of Gant married the Count of Leon and the baronetcy was her dowry. When the marriage ended in a stormy separation and a bastard child was elevated to the county over Lady Gant's daughter, civil war was averted by the grant of sovereign land to Gant.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Ysbrandt van Gelder

Barony of Comstock

A mountain barony, Comstock was conquered by Evard Charles Hawkwood - 'Evard Gray-Face' with a company of Muster during Joscelin's crusade. Since then, he has been been busy digging - he has huge numbers of slave miners who labor constantly producing iron. Until Evard arrived, Comstock was a relatively quiet barony - its iron mines were unknown - but apparently Baron Evard located mineral surveys from the Second Republic prior to joining Joscelin's Crusade. As a consequence of these resources, the baron is exceedingly wealthy, and his close relationship with the Muster - both their slavers and their mercenaries - occasionally make his neighbors worried. Supposedly, Comstock is not the only one of the Fifty Fiefs he purchased paper title to, though he has been silent as to what else he holds ancient deeds for.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Evard Charles Comstock (NPC)
Hawkwood - Mountain Fief - Others represent miners.

Barony of Port-Leon

Port-Leon is a proud coastal city to the west of Leon, for which it serves as a port, and it has had a somewhat historically tense relationship with the City of Leon proper, which is around twice its size. Still, Port-Leon is one of the larger coastal towns on the east bank of the Shining Gulf - it is larger than Johburg and Teldam, and it has a better harbor than Joyeaux. Only Rotdam, its historical rival, is larger. While Port-Leon is not a free city like Rotdam, it has long enjoyed a prosperous merchant class with town rights and self-rule, rights that were abruptly terminated in 4960 after the town council was accused of illegal war profiteering. For the last forty years, the burghers of the town have been directly ruled by the baron, who has converted the old Port Hall into barracks. This has been a source of profit for the barony, which has used the town profits to raise a substantial navy, but the burghers complain that the lack of control over their own affairs hurts them in competition with Joyeaux and Rotdam. Now, the Merchant League has been meeting with the burghers and there is talk that one day there may be a petition directly to the Curia to exempt the town from the barony and give it Free Port status. Outside the town, Port-Leon is well known for being the originator of the ship-soke system, where instead of armsmen fields near the coast owe part of the support of a ship. This system has been adopted in most coastal baronies, but the Portsmen are proud that it is their governmental innovation.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Desideria Maria....Rolas
Hazat - Coastal Fief

Two Counties of Auberry and Maleband

Auberry is a town in transition, with Kossacks on the ground and change in the air... as well as the blare of loudspeakers in most of its public spaces. After a large part of the Castle formerly known as Castle Mortimer was blown up New Years 5000, the black Decados Tower rising from gleaming white stone walls looms over the town, unfinished and casting a long shadow from the bluff. It has taken up the moniker of 'the Obsidian Omen' and curiously, the Mantis has not moved to stamp out that foreboding nickname.

Maleband - TBD

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Marco and Olivia Kurakin Decados

March of Sidon

Sidon Keep is one of the few great castles owned by an independent lord instead of a Crusader State castellan; perched atop a hill in the Craglands, it (along with Arsuf, which guards its westerly valleys) is one of the only bastions keeping the Kurgans from the Lesser Fork itself.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Karl Justinian

Barony of Arsuf

North of the Lesser Fork, Arsuf is an exposed hill barony that suffered heavily during the Betrayal. It was reconquered by an al-Malik knight, Ranjat al-Arsuf, who claimed the barony for his own with a claim to one of the Fifty Fiefs.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Held by Karl Justinian (Justinian)

Barony of Avenal

Situated at the head of the Pass of Arrows, Avenal is a new barony, created by Auberry after the fall of Maleband. Its territory used to be part of the lands of the Earl of Malefaux, a vassal of Maleband; now, Malefaux's only remnant is the crusader castle at the top of the pass. Around it, Malefaux town - the baronial seat - is an important trading center for desert nomads, who bring herds over the pass to Avenal where local merchants purchase them to drive to Akko.

That unwalled trading town is really the second settlement of the name. During the late Second Republic, Malefaux was a fine city on the Pass of Arrows, crowned with an impressive fortress used to keep back raids that in those days came from the mountains. The fortress was fortified and expanded in the high days of the County of Maleband, and it became the seat of an earldom that changed allegiances regularly between Auberry and Maleband -- until an earthquake swallowed the town and even some of the lower portions of the great castle. Its position, however, is too important, and so people rebuilt largely immediately; the upper floors of the great keep continued as Castle Malefaux, while literally over the ruins a new town of Malefaux was built, as the then-baronets of Avenal claimed the castle and the town as the heart of a new barony. The old earldom fled, and for a century or so earls-in-exile mounted raids from their cousins' lands in Arvin until at last that, too, ceased.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Chiaka Justinian
Justinian - Mountain Fief

Prior's Ford

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Prior Moroko
Brother Battle Priory


Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Martin De Moley
De Moley - Includes town at Cripple Bridge


Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes

Notable Baronetcies

  • Calliere - Andrei Mikhailovich Obolensky Decados
  • Joseph's Cross - Nikolai Gregorovich Denisenko Decados
  • Malartic - Constance Josephina De Moley
  • Maleband Inferior - Nikolai Andreievich Kurakin Decados
  • Nord-du-Auberry - Vacant
  • South Fork - Alam al-Malik (Titular Baron Arsuf)
  • Sovenc Bluff - Lucretia Nikolaevna Golitsin Decados

Lordship of Joyeaux and County of Oultrejoyeaux

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Juan Antonio ... Rolas
Hazat - Other represents Crusader Camps


One of the Oultrejoyeaux baronies, Jopha is half-way to Malaga. Famed for its dates, the Barony is almost constantly at war with several nearby vassals of the Malagan emir. Recently, though, it conquered the nearby town of Ghilat and has added it to its barony.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Midare Li Halan
Li Halan - Includes town of Ghilat.

Port Sant-Claude

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Prior Lucien LaGrange
Coastal Fief - Brother Battle Priory


In the midst of the Great Fen that stretches east of Joyeaux, Fenford is a predominantly coastal fief; indeed, many of its soldiers are the fen-men, levies raised from the eel-fishers of the fens. Fenford itself sits where the Prophet's Causeway has been submerged, and guards that great crossing.

  • Notable Baronetcies
    • Peat Pier, a subsidiary of Fenford - The Lord of Bog and Pier
Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Louis Cesare ... Gascon

High Fen

Like Fenford, High Fen sits within the Great Fen - though it is deep indeed in the fens, and its keep is hard to find in the marshes. Before the expansion into Oultrejoyeaux, it was a hidden holdfast for Crusader State scouts, and even now its towns are far away from Fen Keep.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Kazimir ibn Mezsaros

Claudius' Tomb

Claudius' Tomb is the barony centered around the town of Meekham, where Saint Claudius was supposedly captured prior to his martyrdom. It now has his tomb, an imposing basalt edifice that sits on its own small plaza, rivaling the Meekham manor in size.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Lysandra Justinian


The town of Haqq was - like Joyeaux - once a vassal to Leon, and it still has several taifa lords among its membership. Indeed, it was a taifa barony prior to the betrayal, but its Kurgan lord joined Jalalkhan and it was ultimately reconquered by the same crusaders who seized Joyeaux. Haqq is a special case under Momoko's rule. It is equally kurgan and all are treated equally under the laws. She has kurgan men in her armies and in positions of power if their skills befit the title. akurgans and Known Worlders interact peacefully in even the most normal ways.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Momoko ... Rolas

Other Places

Monastery of St. Palamedes the Redeemer

The Monastery of St. Palamedes the Redeemer is an independent monastery located between Leon and Josselin. It does not owe anyone any fealty, and was first created because that is the spot St. Palamedes is supposed to have landed when he visited the planet to liberate after the Ukar Wars. The abbot of St. Palamedes is mitred - that means he counts as a bishop - and traditionally, he has been an important Orthodox politico who serves as an assistant to the Archbishop. Many Archbishops have been Abbot of St. Palamedes before they ascended, though others have been bishops of different sees.

Rural H.Holds Urban H.Holds Other High Pop. Low Pop. Ruler Notes
Agravain Van Gelder