Traditional Blessing and Curse Pairs

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The Second Edition core book gives some traditional blessing/curse pairs for factions. We encourage players to take them, and are reprinting them here:


House Hawkwood
Blessing: Unyielding
Curse: Prideful
House Decados
Blessing: Suspicious
Curse: Vain
The Hazat
Blessing: Disciplined
Curse: Vengeful
House Li Halan
Blessing: Pious
Curse: Guilty
House al-Malik
Blessing: Gracious
Curse: Impetuous


Urth Orthodoxy
Blessing: Pious
Curse: Austere
Eskatonic Order
Blessing: Curious
Curse: Subtle
Temple Avesti
Blessing: Pious
Curse: Righteous
Sanctuary Aeon
Blessing: Compassionate
Curse: Gullible
Brother Battle
Blessing: Disciplined
Curse: Clueless


Blessing: Curious
Curse: Nosy
Blessing: Innovative
Curse: Unnerving
Blessing: The Man
Curse: Possessive
Blessing: Bold
Curse: Callous
Blessing: Shrewd
Curse: Mammon

Minor Houses, Sects, and Guilds

House Justinian
Blessing: Loyal
Curse: Stubborn
House Van Gelder
Blessing: Chameleon
Curse: Alienated
House De Moley
Blessing: Bold
Curse: Righteous