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"Deus Vult!"



xxxxxYathrib is a dusty world with scant resources that lies on no appreciable trade route - and yet in 2723 it was the site of the most important event in history, the Prophet's revelation of the Holy Flame. In an instant, Yathrib became the spark that would save mankind.

xxxxxThe setting is largely focused on the Crusader State and the Shining Gulf in the vicinity of Revelation, the ruins of the Holy City, centered around the city of Akko on the West Bank of the Gulf. The Guardian of the Holy City serves as the formal head of Akko. Akko is surrounded by the Seven Seigneuries, the vassal counties of the Crusader State. The Crusader State is, in turn, surrounded largely by the infidel Kurgans or desert.

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The Crusader State
Seat of Power: Akko
Population Areas: Auberry and Maleband, Childeric-of-the-Bees, Childeric-of-the-Vines, Johburg, Leon, Olivet, Oultrejoyeaux
Head of State: Guardian Geoffrey De Moley
Lord Constable: Sir William Gaheris Hawkwood
Lady Chancellor: Countess Amber Van Gelder

Quarter-Castellan of the North:  ???
Quarter-Castellan of the East:  ???
Quarter-Castellan of the South:  ???
Quarter-Castellan of the West:  ???
Captain-Generals:  ???
Captain-Marshalls:  ???
Knight-Commanders:  ???