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Verity Iolanda Winters
Grrl Genius



If we wish to make a new world we have the the material ready. The first one, too, was made of chaos.
-Robert Quillen

Basic Information

Born into the Winters family, one of the wealthier guild dynasties in the Known Worlds, Verity has known little else but wealth, connections, and privilege, and it probably shows in her naivete and assumptions. Her father Alexander is a high ranking Reeve, her older brother rising in that guild. Her mother Yulia is a Master in the Supreme Order of Engineers. If there is such a thing as guild nobility, she would be part of it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given those genetics at play, Verity was proven to be profoundly gifted at a very young age, a child prodigy even by Leagueheim/Engineer standards. She entered the Academy extremely early, was granted her first guild patent (still in use) by the time she was twelve, and never quite learned how to behave according to social niceties. Her specialty is the reverse engineering of alien artifacts for human adaptation and use, but she's hot for Second Republic tech and think machines as well. People fascinate her too, and it's rumored that she caused a never-ending headache for the authorities on Leagueheim by getting involved in investigations of cold cases on her own--and actually being right most of the time.

Verity is inquisitive, friendly, and doesn't have much of a filter between what pops into her head and what comes out of her mouth; that is to say, she's nosy, can beat even a stoic Li Halan into suicidal submission with her nonstop chatter, and is quite often unintentionally impertinent. She has a tendency to take humor/sarcasm quite literally. She's often consumed by thoughts of her projects and ideas, so she often forgets "less important" things like names, her jacket, mealtimes, ect. She talks to herself quite a bit, and sometimes her goggles talk back. She loves the Questing Knight Collectible Cards, so she is of course thrilled to see so many of the people represented on them showing up on Yathrib!

Her goals in coming to Yathrib was to get away from the nagging of her family, while in theory establishing a Winters presence on this most unusual planet, and to come to a place where she had a chance of finding ancient artifacts herself rather than the picked over ones on Leagueheim. Added bonus: what amateur investigator wouldn't want to come to the New Frontier that just opened up? The natives will be appreciative, instead of cranky like they are back home...right? .


A young woman surely still in her teens by her youthful look, Verity is adorable rather than pretty, in a pixie-ish way, probably not helped by the fact that she doesn’t even clear five feet tall. Straight dark brown hair is sensibly trimmed to chin length to frame her heart shaped face. Light arched eyebrows give her an inquisitive air and frame large dark hazel eyes. A thin but well shaped nose is accentuated by a half-moon piercing which is matched by another piercing in her lower lip.

Her stature may be as short as a child’s, but she’s got a woman’s curves in all the right places and her clothing is cut to mildly accentuate this. She wears a high collared long sleeved lightweight linen shirt, a shield jewel twinkling just below the collar proper. A tan laced vest that cinches tightly around her small waist, with various pockets and buckles and markings which might set her apart as a member of the Supreme Order of Engineers. Perhaps surprisingly she has no visible cyberware. A newsboy cap is plopped rakishly on her head. At her waist are a collection of tools and calibration devices, complete with a blaster pistol at her hip. A pair of dark leather breeches is tucked into sturdy leather boots that are buckled nearly to her knees.


  • Sir Pushalot (Vasiliy) - Not as mean as first impression. After autograph, all is forgiven!
  • Miles - Partner in crimesolving, protector, would even trust him with OTIS! That thing he did was scary, but...he made things safe again.
  • Lord-General Calvin (Caelwyn) - Probably irons and starches his underwear. If only that Death Stare could be reverse engineered...
  • Captain Simone - Fast times are fun times! Unless they involve melons.
  • Lady Sassy (Lysandra) - Gotta respect a Lady who can kick a demon's butt. Or punch it in the face and shoot it or...whatever it was that she did to it.
  • Dame Trisje - Climbing stairs isn't as fun as you'd think. Also, #1 autograph!
  • Sir Jerusalem - Looks just like his card! Which should be impossible. Ship is hot.
  • Lord Jason (Julien) - He might know his binary from his hexidecimal! And it's not like anyone was really in danger, there!
  • Captain Sadie (Sofia) - She's nice, and she has rope. Everyone seems to like her jacket, since most of them look there first instead of her face? Maybe could use a cool hat.
  • Lord Archie (Arkady) - You totally deserved that.
  • Lord Ernie (Yuri) - See? He totally deserved that!
  • His Lordship (Anton) - Simone's boss. Kind of a weirdo.


Meddling Kid

Entered of the Supreme Order of Engineers
Date of Birth: July 1, 4983
Homeworld: Leagueheim
Home County: Akko (for now!)

Height: 4'9"
Weight: 80ish?
Physical Effects: Cute (I), Short
Status: {{{Status}}}



Mindless Faith - Transcend

Laut Sprecher feat. Katie Skate - Omnibus

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom

Balkan Beat Box feat. Dana Leong - Sunday Arak

Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound

Adam Freeland - Mind Killer

Pet Shop Boys - Oppportunities

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

Uffie feat. Pharell - ADD SUV (Armand Van Helden Remix)

Propellerheads - Spybreak!

Daft Punk - Derezzed