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This page will only ever contain the most recent Situation Report because at the rate things move the rest quickly become irrelevant.

Current SitRep

For weeks, bandits and brigands had been gathering in the badlands of Pilgrims' Landing, and on the 3rd of September they struck. They attacked in two waves, with one force roaring down the Pilgrim Road on smoke-belching jalopies and the other moving on foot through the wastes themselves, trying to cross beneath the skyway at Low Road. Their goal was the refugee camps; according to the watch-wardens, they intended to break open the camps and loot Akko in the ensuing chaos as refugees poured out of their internments.

Lord Hugh - the Quarter-Castellan of the North - commanded the armies at the Roadward Tower, while Lady Lysandra took charge of the plucky defenders at the Low Road. As the badlanders advanced, Lord Hugh ordered the guns of the Mount of Apples to open fire, sending showers of dust down on Low Road to turn the battle below into a nightmare hell of clouds and smoke. Lord Hugh, Count Renaud and Lady Momoko held the barricades, along with the Brother Battle - Moroko of Prior's Ford had the command - and many of the armsmen of Akko, aided by valiant warriors like Lady Sofia and Sir Joscelin.

Below, Lady Lysandra, Sir Julien, and the desert warrioress Fadila had the defense, with Lord Valentijn and Dame Trisje aiding the crusaders. As the badlanders advanced, their leader was cut down by Brother Miles and they revealed their secret weapon: starship engines, turned into dumb rockets. They lit them off, and one of them struck a pillar supporting the skyway, sending a third of the road above crumbling down and toppling the Roadward Tower.

With the whole thus opened in their defenses, the jalopies of the badlanders had an opening; they rushed forward, roaring past the defenders. Some few - Brother Moroko, Sir Joscelin, and others - were able to leap aboard, but for the others, the cavalry pursued, joined by Don Antonio and his crusaders. What continued was a running battle almost to the walls of the camps, when Don Antonio was able to destroy the last truck laden with explosives.

Down below, the fight was bloodier. Unable to see beyond their hands, it was an ugly battle made all the more dangerous by the falling masonry from the road above. Lord Valentijn and Lady Lysandra faced a massive ogre of a man, mutated by exposure to the toxins of the badlands, and he nearly killed the Baroness of the Tomb before the Lord of Teldam was able to strike him down. Dame Trisje and Sir Julien were able to stop more engine rams from being launched at the camps, while Commander Fadila and the crusaders were able to ultimately halt the badlander advance.

In the end, the walls of the refugee camps stood firm. As the badlanders approached, the inmates of the camps grew restless, but Lady Chiaka, Sir Jerusalem and Sir Sundiata were able to talk them down with help from Sister Naima and Madame Rose Madani. Riots were averted - barely - but the situation in the camps is growing angrier and angrier; one day soon, it will burst into flames.

And, of course, in all this the mysterious architect of the attacks - the so-called Lander King -- was not seen, even as the defeated badlanders began to slink home. Surely, while this is his introduction it is not his denoumet.

On the fourth of September, Zatan surrendered. Her soldiers marched out -- escorted by some of the Known Worlds force to Suleimanbad -- while a portion of them remained behind, a contingent of Remle men to serve as a police force for the city and ensure a reasonably orderly transition. Even as the De Moley rose rises above Zatan, the looting began, though by order of Lord Hugh, Lord Renaud and Lord Caelwyn it was kept to minimal levels.

There is, it is said, some grumbling -- Lord Hugh is said to have extracted an incredibly high price for surrender, more than any Kurgan lord would have asked of the Known Worlders in similar circumstances, and so some old salts wonder if this is one more notch in a changing way of war.