Wounds and Healing

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Unlike in prior editions of Fading Suns, characters on Star Crusade do not have a Vitality track; instead, they take damage in wounds, either as Flesh Wounds, Serious Wounds. The type of wound a blow does depends on how much damage a character takes compared to the character's Strength.

Flesh Wounds

If a character takes less damage than their Strength, they take a Flesh Wound - small cuts, bruises, and the like that do not greatly impede her ability to fight further. Many flesh wounds can ultimately hinder a fighter, however - combatants suffer a -1 to goal rolls for every three Flesh Wounds they have suffered as aching joints, blood in their eyes and general fatigue slow them down.

Thus, a duelist with Strength 5 who takes 4 points of damage receives a Flesh Wound: if it was his first, he suffers no ill effect, but if he has taken two previous flesh wounds he would be at a -1 to goals.

Serious Wounds

If a character takes damage equal to or greater than her Strength, she instead takes a Serious Wound - a deep cut, a fracture or a similar serious injury. Characters suffer a -2 for every Serious Wound they have suffered.

A character can take multiple Serious Wounds from a single source of damage if it is serious enough. A character receives an additional Serious Wound for every 4 points of damage she takes above her strength.

If the duelist in the above example had taken 5 points of damage, he would instead have suffered a Serious Wound, with a -2 to all future rolls. If he suffered a second Serious Wound, he would be at a -4.


Wound Penalties from all sources are cumulative, for example if a character has a Serious Wound and three Flesh Wounds they will have a total Wound Penalty of -3, -2 from the Serious Wound and -1 from the Flesh Wounds. Once Wound Penalties from all sources are equal to a character's resolve they are incapacitated and no longer capable of performing meaningful actions either unconscious, screaming incoherently or otherwise incapable.

Some individuals, through arduous physical and mental exercises, have taught themselves to fight through the pain of wounds in order to keep going when lesser men would falter. A character who is suffering wound penalties may make a Resolve+Focus roll, and the VPs on that roll offset an equal number of wound penalties. This roll can only be made once per combat or set of wounds. A character who makes this roll is treated as having fewer wound penalties, both for the purpose of penalties and for the purpose of determining when the character is incapacitated"


Natural healing is based off of a recovery roll (Strength + Vigor). Each VP on the roll removes one wound of the appropriate level. The time between recovery rolls is based on the seriousness of the injury.

Flesh Wounds
  • Lethal: 1 day
  • Stun: 1 minute
Serious Wounds
  • Lethal: 1 Week
  • Stun: 1 hour

Medical assistance can provide a +1 synergy bonus to this roll, and high-tech medical assistance can provide a +2 synergy bonus.

Elixir is applied with a Wits+Remedy roll. Each VP on the Wits+Remedy roll heals 1 Serious Wound, or all Flesh wounds.